It’s time to split the Valley North voting district

As voters in the great precinct known as Valley North in Chester County have long known, consistently long lines mixed with unreliable machines can make for an unpalatable voting experience.

With 3,948 voters, Valley North represents the largest precinct not only in my 74th Legislative District but in the entirety of Chester County.

That is why I fully endorse the proposal to split Valley North into three separate precincts (Valley North 1, Valley North 2 and Valley North 3).

Long lines and machines known to break down have been persistent issues at Valley North every Election Day.

The Chester County Board of Elections is proposing to divide the voting district because, as the petition states, “the convenience of the electors of said precinct and the public interest will be served by splitting said precinct.”

Since I was elected to my first term around this time last year, it has ranked among my priorities to make registering to vote and casting a ballot easier in this state. We need to restore our citizens’ faith in our electoral system.

As our House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody said earlier this year, “American democracy started here in 1776, but in 2019, special interests have too much power that should belong to the voters. We have a plan to take Pennsylvania from one of the toughest states in which to vote to one of the easiest for a voter to get registered, get informed and get heard.”

A step in the right direction to make sure Your Vote Counts would be splitting Valley North into three voting districts. So, instead of nearly 4,000 voters fighting through long lines at one polling place, we would have about 1,350 voters spread among each of three polling places: Valley Baptist Church (Valley North 1), James J. Terry Funeral Home (Valley North 2) and Rainbow Elementary School (Valley North 3).

There are parts of the voter reform package Gov. Tom Wolf recently signed into law that I have my disagreements with, but I share the governor’s fundamental notion that we need improved practices and policies in Pennsylvania to make elections more convenient and accessible.

Splitting Valley North into three precincts would be a huge step in making that a reality here in Chester County.


Rep. Dan Williams
74th Legislative District