It’s time for Pennsylvania to Put People First!

I believe it’s time to focus on priorities that will help working families, children and our seniors, while building a stronger economy and a better Pennsylvania for all.


I will focus on policies that provide Jobs that Pay right here in Pennsylvania so that families can work their way out of poverty. That is why I support:

  • Raising the minimum wage, NOW
  • Providing paid sick and maternity leave for ALL workers
  • Strengthening pay equity laws for ALL workers, regardless of sex, race, family status or sexual orientation


I am committed to investing in our children, from pre-K programs through college, so that we can provide Schools that Teach our students and that provide access to teachers, counselors and programs that will help them succeed. That is why I support:

  • A fair and balanced funding formula for ALL public schools across the Commonwealth
  • Expanding and improving early childhood education investments
  • Helping to make college more affordable


I believe that Pennsylvania must move above partisan politics and reach across party lines to have a Government that Works to protect our seniors, our working families and our middle class. We can achieve this by ending policies that benefit wealthy corporations above everyday taxpayers. That is why I support:

  • Passing a reasonable Marcellus Shale tax on natural gas drilling
  • Closing, once and for all, the Delaware Loophole
  • Preserving and expanding state assets that provide long-term, guaranteed savings


I fully understand that Pennsylvania’s senior and disabled citizens, so many of whom are on fixed incomes, need Programs that Help now more than ever. That is why I support:

  • Accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid now
  • Investing in human services that protect Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable residents
  • Protecting state lottery revenues that support critical programs for senior citizens