Zabel announces $75K grant for Aldan to reduce, control flooding

(Apr 22, 2021)

This project will help alleviate and control the significant flooding we have witnessed after heavy rain and storms in Aldan. The current conditions have created safety concerns, an issue this project will help correct and control. Read more


Now open for applications: Farm Vitality, Communities That Care, substance abuse, and recycling grant programs

(Apr 19, 2021)

Here are the latest state grant programs that recently opened for applications, as well as a federally funded American Rescue Plan grant opportunity available to humanities organizations. Read more


Zabel announces $18,000 grant for Manoa Fire Co.

(Apr 19, 2021)

The members of Manoa’s 100%-volunteer staff put their own lives on the line whenever the call arises to make sure the people in our community are safe, rescued and/or receive the help they need. It’s rewarding to see the state step in to provide the money needed to upgrade the services and safety measures Manoa Fire Company needs to protect and serve our community. Read more


More than $1M in grants headed to local projects

(Apr 16, 2021)

On Friday, a pair of grants totaling more than $1.15 million were approved for local municipalities through the state’s Multimodal Transportation Fund. Read more


Zabel announces grants for Aldan Borough, Haverford Township

(Apr 16, 2021)

DREXEL HILL, April 16 – State Rep. Mike Zabel, D-Delaware, announced a pair of grants totaling more than $1.15 million have been approved for local municipalities through the state’s Multimodal Transportation Fund. The grants announced include: Haverford Township: Approved for $1 million to help fund the realignment of the intersection of Burmont and Glendale roads near Darby Creek and Darby Creek Valley Park. The project will include the improvement of pedestrian crossing at the intersection as well as the extension of the pedestrian Darby Creek Trail by more than 1,000 feet. Aldan Borough: Approved for $154,791 to replace 250 existing street light fixtures with LED fixtures and replace 13 deteriorated light poles with new metal poles. “Infrastructure improvements not only help connect our neighborhoods, but they also improve the safety and living conditions in our hometowns,” Zabel said. “I’m excited that the state has provided money to ease the burden on our local governments and taxpayers to help municipalities complete projects that will have a positive outcome in our residents’ everyday lives. “The planned extension of the Darby Creek Trail should not be overlooked as an important part of this project, improving the area’s outdoor recreational options.” The approved projects were two of 43 announced throughout the state Friday to address Read more


Zabel Fall 2020 Newsletter

(Apr 13, 2021)

Fall 2020 newsletter. Read more


April 12 update: Grant programs now open for applications

(Apr 12, 2021)

Here are the latest state grant programs that recently opened for applications, as well as a federally funded American Rescue Plan grant opportunity available to humanities organizations. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Park Clean-Up and Delco vaccine news

(Apr 09, 2021)

In this week's community update, remember to join us Saturday morning for the park clean-up event, and learn the latest about Delco's COVID-19 vaccine progress. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Latest update on COVID vaccines

(Apr 01, 2021)

This week's updates on COVID-19 vaccines, testing in Delco and state programs designed to help you. Read more


PA House Democrats Launch Effort to Defend Democracy

(Mar 29, 2021)

HARRISBURG, March 29 – Responding to the Capitol insurrection in January and the signing of new restrictions on voting rights last week in Georgia, House Democrats are taking action to protect American democracy. Today, a website was launched that summarizes policy proposals to defend democracy as well as links to more information and the ability for people to quickly email their elected officials, noting their support of the bills. The House Democratic Caucus has been working on these proposals since a House Democratic Policy Committee Hearing in January, when members were briefed by legal scholars, hate crimes experts and members of Congress on the language of false conspiracy and election fraud being used to undermine democracy. That same language has shifted from encouraging outright attack to what many perceive as insidiously undermining basic voting rights. “We cannot allow the outrage and disgust of the American people watching an armed invasion of our government to be subverted by a slick rebranding into attacks on our right to fair and free elections” Policy Committee Chairman Ryan Bizzarro said. Members of the House Democratic Caucus have introduced dozens of measures to expand voting rights, preserve election security, protect access to mail-in ballots and polling places, and to clarify and consolidate the often-outdated Election Code. Bizzarro said the site – -- will serve as a great Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Local programs are in place to help you

(Mar 26, 2021)

In this week's email, learn about local programs in place to help Delco residents. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Great day for Delco, welcome news about vaccines

(Mar 19, 2021)

Sunday might have been my favorite day on this job. Delco conducted its largest COVID vaccination clinic at Upper Darby High School. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Working to acquire more vaccines for Delco

(Mar 12, 2021)

Learn more about my efforts to shine a spotlight on the need for more vaccines in Delco. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Join us for my Virtual Housing Forum on Wednesday

(Feb 26, 2021)

Join us for my Virtual Housing Forum on Wednesday, and find out about important state programs in this week's community update. Read more


Zabel to host Virtual Housing Forum Wednesday, March 3

(Feb 24, 2021)

State Rep. Mike Zabel, D-Delaware, will be joined by legal experts during his “Virtual Housing Forum: Know your rights as a tenant/landlord,” starting at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 3. A link to the online event stream can be found at or by going to Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Register for next week's shred event

(Feb 19, 2021)

Register for next weekend's shred event. Contact my offices today. In this week's update, learn more about upcoming events, new legislation. Read more


Zabel, McNeill legislation would cap out-of-pocket insulin prices

(Feb 16, 2021)

State Reps. Mike Zabel, D-Delaware, and Jeanne McNeill, D-Lehigh, have reintroduced legislation aimed at capping out-of-pocket insulin prices at $100 per month. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: My Shred Event is Feb. 27th, register now

(Feb 12, 2021)

If you are interested in attending my Shred Event Feb. 27th, please contact my offices to register. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Join my virtual town hall Thursday

(Feb 05, 2021)

Join my virtual town hall I'm co-hosting with state Sen. Tim Kearney on Thursday. Read more


State Grant Programs Now Open for Applications: March 31 Update

(Feb 01, 2021)

The following state grants are open for applications. Updated on Feb. 1. Read more