Abney introduces bill for PA to join Social Work Licensure Compact

HARRISBURG, Nov. 14 – Rep. Aerion A. Abney, D-Allegheny, introduced a bill today that would add Pennsylvania to the list of states who are members of the Social Work Licensure Compact.

The legislation (H.B. 1841) would allow licensed commonwealth social workers or those eligible for a license to apply for the ability to provide their services across multiple states. A comprehensive data system would also be created, so the public could be kept safe and informed with regards to social worker license status and any adverse actions associated with them.

“Often an underappreciated profession, an increased demand for social workers became evident through the pandemic and continues as people deal with ongoing traumas,” Abney said. “My bill would be a win-win for social workers seeking employment opportunities and individuals in need of personal and emotional assistance.”

Abney holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh.

The bill has been referred to the House Professional Licensure Committee.