Benham announces more than $1 million in funding for streetscape and recreational improvements

State Rep. Jessica Benham, D-Allegheny, today announced a total of nearly $1.07 million in funding has been awarded to three projects in the 36th Legislative District.

“Today’s announcement is great news for the neighborhoods and residents of the 36th,” Benham said. “These three projects will address public safety and recreational needs, bringing updates and enhancements to create a functional and safer multimodal corridor in addition to benefitting families of all ages by providing important and continued recreational opportunities.”

The city of Pittsburgh was awarded $963,578 for a project in conjunction with the Western PA Conservancy and Pittsburgh Water and Sewar Authority. With a total cost of $3 million, the work involves the reconstruction of the south 21st Street Corridor. According to Benham, the project will include a new median and sidewalks to connect the corridor from Carson Street to the South Side Park, new curbs, ADA ramps and lighting. Funding for the project is provided via the CFA Multimodal Transportation Fund.

Friends of the Riverfront Inc. was awarded $50,000 to make improvements to a section of Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Baldwin Borough. The project will address a significant trail hazard that occurs during rain events that leaves water pooling and dangerously freezing during winter months on the trail. A pipe will be installed in the trouble area to divert the water to existing outflow. Funding for this project is also provided via the CFA Multimodal Transportation Fund.

More information about that program is available here.

Benham explained that Baldwin Borough was awarded $50,000 to aid in the renovation of the borough’s swimming facility. Planned renovations include a sloped gradual access ramp, a new circulation pump, liner, gutter, supply line renovation, zero entry ramp and splash pad features. Total project cost is $1.5 million

The funding for this project comes from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Multimodal Transportation Fund Program and the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program. More information about the CFA and the funding programs can be found here.