Benham announces $200,000 grant award

Funds will aid in securing 75 acres of former housing complex

State Rep. Jessica Benham, D-Allegheny, announced today that the Allegheny Land Trust was awarded $200,000 in grant funding by the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County.

“I’m pleased to see another investment in our community,” said Benham. “With this funding, the Allegheny Land Trust, in partnership with Hilltop Urban Farm, will secure and give new and sustainable life to some 75 acres of land that previously served our community as the St. Clair Village Public Housing Complex.

“The long-term impact of this purchase will aid Hilltop Urban Farm in their continued growth and expanded service to our communities,” Benham said. “Hilltop has shown us how important urban farming is to our continued health and growth here in Allegheny County. I look forward to seeing this project come to its completion and predict these permanent investments will benefit generations to come. This funding award serves to reinforce the important role urban farming has not just to our health, but to our quality of life.”

More than $9.3 million was awarded by the Allegheny County Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund to 33 projects during this round of funding announcements. The grants enable municipalities, authorities, councils of government, and non-profit and for-profit businesses to carry out important economic development for current and future use

Benham said the fund is financed by gaming activity in the county, and more information about the fund is available here.