Benham: $1 Million award to fund Hilltop Community Center project

State Rep. Jessica Benham, D-Allegheny, announced today a $1 million grant award to the Brashear Association for the Hilltop Community Center project.

“This is welcome news for Allegheny County,” said Benham. “The funding allocation, awarded to the Brashear Association, will provide a great opportunity for our community. The services that Brashear provides supports our seniors, expands economic opportunities for families, and helps engage young people. When we fund the Brashear Association, we see a direct impact on community health and public safety.”

Benham explained that the project will construct a new, multi-purpose building with parking underneath. It will also provide space for a market, classroom and office, wellness and fitness space, bathrooms, and a common area. The two vacant structures currently on the properties will be demolished.

“Good projects are born from great partnerships and that’s what we have with the Brashear Association,” said state Sen. Jay Costa. “I was happy to also lend my support to their grant application; the plans for the Hilltop Community Center are inspiring and something we all will be able to enjoy in years to come.”

The Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, from which this funding was awarded, is a commonwealth grant program overseen by the Office of the Budget to assist with regional cultural, economic, civic and historical projects that improve a community’s economic growth by creating jobs.