Cerrato applauds $1.3 million awarded to boost community arts and essential local infrastructure

HORSHAM, Dec. 22 – State Rep. Melissa Cerrato, D-Montgomery, helped bring over $1 million in grants home to benefit two local sewer authorities and two performing arts centers.

Funding has been distributed as follows:

  • Montgomery Township Municipal Sewer Authority received two grants, totaling $1.13 million, benefiting the Eureka wastewater treatment plant located along Lower State Road. One grant worth $936,740 from the H2O PA grant program will install a new UV disinfection facility and an additional $196,000 from the PA Small Water and Sewer grant program will go toward the installation of improved security systems at the facility.
  • Horsham Water and Sewer Authority was awarded $106,921 through the PA Small Water and Sewer grant program. Funds will go toward the purchase and installation of two tank mixers into existing water storage tanks.
  • Act II Playhouse and Ambler Theater received Arts and Culture Recovery grants. The organizations received $28,089 and $36,424, respectively.

“Investing in our community's infrastructure and cultural institutions is an investment in our collective well-being,” Cerrato said. “These initiatives not only enhance essential services but also contribute to the flourishing of our local arts and cultural scene, fostering a resilient and thriving community for all."

More on the COVID-19 ARPA Arts and Culture Recovery Program is available here: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/covid-19-arpa-pa-arts-and-culture-recovery-program-pacr/.

More about the COVID-19 ARPA H2O PA Program is available here: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/covid-19-arpa-h2o-pa-water-supply-sanitary-sewer-and-storm-water-projects/.

More about the COVID-19 ARPA PA Small Water and Sewer Program is available here: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/covid-19-arpa-pa-small-water-sewer/.

The programs are administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development under the direction of the Commonwealth Financing Authority and use funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.