Covington applauds $500,000 funding to two projects in his district

HARRISBURG, Sept. 20 – State Rep. Martell Covington announced today two grants totaling $500,000 in state funding through the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program.

The Wilkinsburg Borough received $250,000 to improve Ferguson Park by replacing surfaces that have divots and uneven perimeter areas.

“I am excited to see Ferguson Park receive funding for improvements. Growing up, I have played at Ferguson Park with my friends who live close by. I’m glad to now make this announcement of funding as state representative,” said Covington, D-Allegheny. “Ferguson Park is one of Wilkinsburg’s busiest parks and sees a lot of use due to the recreation program every summer and the daily use of the park by the Pittsburgh Urban Christian School.”

LORE PPA received $250,000 for Phase II of the Larimer-Homewood Multimodal Greenway Extension in the City of Pittsburgh. Phase II will include construction of an eight-foot protected two-way bicycle lane between Bakery Square Boulevard and Rainbow Street. Additionally, a new foot-wide sidewalk south of the extension will be installed for pedestrian safety and an 8-foot planted rain garden will be installed for sustainable stormwater management.

“The Greenway Extension’s purpose is to connect residents with assets that will improve their quality of life. The planned improvements for this road have been desired by the community ever since the announcement of this project, and it is great to see this project get a continuation of funding,” Covington said.

Both $250,000 grants from the Greenways, Trails and Recreation program are the largest sum of money that can be allocated to a single project.