Herrin: Nearly $1.1 million in funding secured to expand housing options, empower vulnerable residents

HARRISBURG, June 15 – State Rep. Dianne Herrin announced today the approval of Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement funding for several projects in Chester County after a very competitive new round of funding applications for these housing programs.

“The hardships of the last 15 months have shed a new light on the importance of decent, attainable housing and of assisting our most vulnerable neighbors,” Herrin said. “This nearly $1.1 million in new funding will provide a lifeline to individuals during a time of crisis while simultaneously empowering them to find permanent, stable housing.”

The PHARE funding for Chester County will be divided among five organizations:

  • $500,000 for the Chester County Department of Community Development, which will allow Chester County to offer a continuum of services to its most vulnerable individuals with the mission of making homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring.
  • $100,000 for the Friends Association for Care & Protection of Children to support individuals and families facing eviction with legal representation, financial support and social services.
  • $240,000 for the Housing Authority of Chester County to assist in finding and retaining housing, as well as expanding landlord incentive programs.
  • $115,000 for the Targeted Homelessness Resource Coordination program, which will assist people experiencing chronic homelessness and collaborate with all housing providers to help people find permanent housing.
  • $130,000 for Safe Harbor of Chester County Inc., which provides more than 65% of the total emergency beds available for single adults and maintains the only women’s homeless shelter in Chester County. Case management services will help propel residents toward self-sustainability and permanent housing.

PHARE, managed by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, was established in 2010 to provide the mechanism to allocate state and federal funds to the creation, rehabilitation and support of affordable housing throughout the state.