Krajewski, Burgos, Rozzi and Guzman introduce legislation to allow minors to obtain a copy of their birth certificate more easily

HARRISBURG, April 28 — State Reps. Rick Krajewski, Mark Rozzi, Danilo Burgos and Manuel Guzman have authored legislation that would make it easier for youth to access a copy of their birth certificate, which is especially important for youth experiencing homelessness or other challenges where a copy of their birth certificate is essential to getting a job or accessing programs or services.

"We must support young people who deserve to have access to every opportunity they need to thrive,” said Krajewski, D-Phila. “Access to birth certificates helps our youth apply for a job, a passport, bank account, housing opportunities, a driver’s license, or to receive services from the government or community-based organizations. These programs and services are essential for youth becoming successful adults. I am proud to work alongside Representatives Rozzi, Burgos, and Guzman to introduce this bill."

“Our legislation would disrupt what would likely become a cycle of poverty,” said Guzman, D-Berks. “The youth who need their birth certificate but don’t have access to a copy of it are often youth who are estranged from their family or lacking in a support system. Poverty is cyclical and those in poverty often face huge challenges to work their way out of poverty. Being able to access services and programs is crucial and having a birth certificate is essential to accessing many support programs.”

“Sadly, some minors are trying to escape dangerous or unhealthy situations when they leave home,” said Rozzi, D-Berks. “But escaping those dangerous situations poses a new set of challenges. Our legislation would ease some of those difficulties by allowing minors who are homeless or in foster care to get a copy of their birth certificate without the signature or permission from a parent or guardian.”

“It’s past time to take action to ensure our youth have access to this basic and important document,” said Burgos, D-Phila. “It puts our young people at a disadvantage and, in fact, limits their options in becoming successful adults. We must safeguard, support and invest in our youth, and this legislation advances us on that path.”