Madsen welcomes $459,000 in violence reduction grants

HARRISBURG, Jan. 12 – State Rep. Dave Madsen, D-Dauphin, today announced two community organizations in his district have received over $459,000 in grants to address group violence in Harrisburg.

“These initiatives offer specialized solutions to both the overlooked causes and after-effects of community violence,” said Madsen. “Many times, when we look to prevent gun violence, we look at the acts themselves. These initiatives work to change the environment in which they occur and address the trauma of those involved.”

Community Action Commission has received $200,000 to support the reinstatement of the Harrisburg Community Safety Project, which is designed to address increased crime and violence within Harrisburg.

Grant funds will be used to support Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design strategies and interventions that address vacant homes, abandoned lots/properties, and neighborhood lighting within the Harrisburg community.

This project involves engaging community members with safety awareness training, identifying/training ‘Community Captains,’ and supporting data collection and evaluation using a research consultant.

Harrisburg Area Learning Academy has been awarded $259,957 to support the continuation and expansion of its Central PA Center for Trauma and Healing, an evidence-based trauma recovery center, which treats both survivors/perpetrators of violent crime who are experiencing post-traumatic distress but are not receiving other mental health care.

Funds will be used to support additional personnel (e.g., therapists, caseworkers, administrative support), salary and benefits; comprehensive trauma and other required training; and client supports, supplies, and operating expenses (e.g., emergency housing support, food, technology).

Madsen said his office is continually looking for ways to fund community safety projects in his district. He encourages local organizations and non-profits to contact his office for any help with finding, applying for, or advocating for state grants.