Rozzi and Madsen rally support for UPS Teamsters

HARRISBURG, July 20 – State Reps. Mark Rozzi and Dave Madsen and members of Teamsters Local 776 stood with UPS workers on Wednesday at their rally in Steelton supporting the union in contract negotiations.

Madsen and Rozzi spoke publicly on how the workers’ requests for better pay and working conditions can be easily accommodated and should not be up for debate.

“UPS saw record profits in 2022. Meanwhile, their delivery drivers didn’t even have air conditioning in their trucks and part-time employees are denied full-time opportunities, leaving them out to dry when it comes to steady income and benefits,” Rozzi said. “Enough is enough. I’m a proud pro-union legislator, and I’m honored to stand beside UPS employees in their fight for a good employment deal.”

“I find it hard to entertain any argument as to why essential workers like UPS employees don’t deserve livable wages and fair benefits,” Madsen said. “UPS has a choice. They can respect and do right by working people by paying what them they deserve, or come Aug. 1, UPS can face the frustrations of the hardworking people who have made them a success. We are not backing down.”

If a contract is not agreed upon between union representatives and UPS management by July 31, a strike of 340,000 workers may ensue. In that case, Rozzi and Madsen voiced their support of allowing the two entities to sort out their terms to reach a new collective bargaining agreement without interference from the federal government. The legislators emphasized that this is the power of labor unions, and federal involvement could negatively influence Teamsters’ progress on other important issues in the future.

Photos from the rally are available on both Madsen’s and Rozzi’s websites.