Pisciottano introduces legislation to provide tax relief for volunteer firefighters

HARRISBURG, Oct. 21 – State Rep. Nick Pisciottano, D-Allegheny, introduced legislation today to create a program that would provide property tax relief for those in fire service while allowing local businesses to directly support the fire companies that protect their neighborhoods.

“The number of volunteer firefighters in Pennsylvania has severely dwindled since the 1970s when there were more than 300,000. Now there are as few as 38,000 volunteer firefighters,” Pisciottano said. “These brave men and women do this important and life-saving work without getting paid, and in many cases, spend their own money on gear and equipment. My legislation would provide a much-deserved financial break and offer support to these critical members of our communities.”

Pisciottano said the legislation would create a program that would offer tax credits to businesses that donate to designated nonprofit firefighting organizations. Those organizations would then use the funds to make direct property tax payments to school districts, counties, or municipalities on behalf of volunteer firefighters.

“My proposed tax relief program is sustainable because it does not put an extra financial strain on local municipal budgets while recognizing those folks who willingly volunteer to run toward the fire to protect us all,” Pisciottano said. 

The legislation has been introduced as House Bill 1990.