Pisciottano: $45,000 awarded to increase local school safety

WEST MIFFLIN, Jan. 21 – West Mifflin and South Allegheny school districts will both receive state grant funds to enhance student safety, state Rep. Nick Pisciottano, D-Allegheny, announced today.

“Keeping our children safe is imperative, especially when they are under the watch of our public schools,” Pisciottano said. “The uptick in school violence we have witnessed in recent years is heartbreaking to think about, but it is a harsh reality that we need to be prepared for. These grant funds will go a long way in providing peace of mind for the students, teachers and staff at West Mifflin and South Allegheny.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Office for Safe Schools awarded grants to local schools in the following amounts:

  • $25,000 to West Mifflin School District for safety equipment.

  • $20,000 to South Allegheny School District for safety programs.

The PDE’s Safe Schools Targeted Grants aim to assist schools in promoting an environment of greater productivity, safety, and learning and enhancing anti-violence efforts between schools and parents, local governments, law enforcement and community organizations.

Learn more and view all 2022 grant recipients at this link: https://www.education.pa.gov/Schools/safeschools/fundinggrants/Pages/default.aspx.