Pisciottano secures $106,000 for Glassport Police Department

DCED grant to purchase truck for commercial vehicle inspections

GLASSPORT, April 14 – Continuing his dedication to supporting local law enforcement, state Rep. Nick Pisciottano announced today a state grant of $106,000 has been awarded to the Glassport Borough Police Department.

“Ensuring commercial vehicles are meeting safety standards will bring more peace of mind to all traveling on our roadways,” said Pisciottano. “With countless commercial vehicles passing through Allegheny County, it’s important for local law enforcement to have the proper tools to inspect these vehicles. I look forward to securing more state investments for our first responders to maximize community safety for everyone living in our region.”

The grant announced today will be used to purchase a new Ford F-150 that is fully equipped to perform commercial vehicle inspections. The funds are sourced from the state Department of Community and Economic Development.