Rep. Greg Scott's Biography

State Rep. Greg Scott was elected in November 2022 for the newly created 54th Legislative District in Montgomery County. This seat represents the communities of Conshohocken, Plymouth Township and Norristown in Harrisburg. 

A native of Norristown, Greg was raised by a village led by his mother, where he saw firsthand the definition of hard work, grit and determination. His mother, Peggy, active in the Norristown community, instilled a sense of public and community service in him at an early age. 

In 6th grade, Greg met President Bill Clinton when he came to speak in Pennsylvania. Greg shook the president’s hand and asked him about health care and education policies. He challenged the president to put his money where his mouth is and shortly thereafter, President Clinton visited Greg’s school district to announce an education initiative at Norristown High School. 

Through this experience, Greg saw how government could work for the people. 

In high school, Greg became Norristown’s first Junior Borough Councilman and joined the Norristown Fire Department at age 16. He became a volunteer EMT for Plymouth Community Ambulance Association the following year. 

Greg continues to serve his community as a volunteer firefighter for Fairmount Engine Co. #2. 

During the pandemic, Greg stepped up and mobilized the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium to provide more than 2,000 COVID tests and distribute more than 3,200 vaccines to the community through a partnership with private and public entities within the community. 

Greg went on to earn degrees from Chestnut Hill College and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Greg also taught a “Liberty and Law” class as part of the civic program for Eisenhower Middle School, where he attended, so students could learn how the government can, and should, work to better our lives. Greg continues to be a high school mentor to many students in the Norristown School District. 

After college, Greg served on the staff of two members of the U.S. Congress and went on to become chief of staff at an education and community development nonprofit founded by Kenny Gamble, a noted civic and entertainment industry leader. 

In 2015, Greg ran and was elected as a Magisterial District Judge. Upon his commission, he became the first Black District Judge in Montgomery County history and the youngest sitting judge in Pennsylvania. 

On the bench, he became a leading voice for understanding trauma and its impact on people appearing in court rooms and has helped to create programs aimed at reducing recidivism and helping people gain access to services to assist with their mental health and well-being. 

During his tenure as Magisterial District Judge, Greg: 

  • Created an alternative adjudication program that provided young people who were truant or facing criminal charges the option of taking a public safety course to clear their record. 
  • Helped Montgomery County reform its bail practices through the creation of a new pretrial services program. This provides assurance that people have access to quality legal representation and are diverted to applicable treatment programs for those suffering from mental health and substance abuse crises. 

Advocated for a housing program called E.P.I.C. for those who are facing housing or rent insecurity. 

As state representative, Greg will continue to fight for investments in our public education system, support initiatives that reform our criminal justice system and advocate to provide better health care, including mental health and substance abuse treatments of Norristown, Plymouth and Conshohocken, and lead to ensure that your government works for you. 

Greg’s life is guided by his faith and values of putting community first. He is a volunteer firefighter, EMT, mentor, recent Trailblazer Award recipient and public servant.