Environmental Resources & Energy Committee hosts hearing for Scott’s bill to eliminate the use of PFAS in household products

HARRISBURG, June 3 – The House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee convened a critical public hearing on state Rep. Greg Scott’s H.B. 2238 today.

This legislation was introduced in April and is designed to eliminate the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly referred to as PFAS, in household products. Scott noted that PFAS exposure has been linked to medical problems such as cancer, immune system suppression, high cholesterol, pregnancy induced hypertension, liver damage, increased risk of thyroid disease and infertility. PFAS chemicals are found in items such as firefighting foam, cookware, dental floss and feminine hygiene products, and are referred to as “forever chemicals” because they do not break down in the environment.

The hearing today included six testifiers, ranging from people representing environmental activist groups to higher education faculty. Speakers urged the bills’ passage from both human health and environmental preservation perspectives.

House Bill 2238 has 30 co-sponsors, including Reps. Mandy Steele, Tarik Khan and Ben Sanchez.

“The use of PFAS chemicals in commercial products is a man-made problem. They had a choice, and they chose profit over people,” said Scott, D-Montgomery. “The prime sponsors, and our staff, have worked diligently on this legislation. We have sought, reviewed and received information from over 60 scientists from United States and around the world. Now we have choice to put people and the environment first; we have an obligation to fight and protect the wellbeing of all Pennsylvanians and this legislation does that.”

“We have a constitutional right to clean air and water, Rep. Scott’s legislation would move us toward a healthier Pennsylvania for all of us,” said Steele, D-Allegheny.

“For years, corporations have known the toxic effects that forever chemicals have on our health, including causing cancer, infertility and congenital disorders,” said Khan, D-Phila. “I’m proud to be working with Rep. Scott and my fellow colleagues on this legislation that will protect consumers’ exposure to these dangerous substances here in the commonwealth.”

“Many communities throughout Montgomery County, and neighboring counties, all face the same problems –such as serious and persistent health problems in humans and animals, and environmental concerns – which are traced back to prolonged PFAS exposure," said Sanchez, D-Montgomery. "My hope is that House Bill 2238 is just one of many PFAS-related bills that we can get to the governor’s desk to rid Pennsylvania of these 'forever chemicals' and strengthen our commonwealth's public health.”


A recording of the hearing can be accessed on the Pennsylvania House Democrats’ YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr5FiOZc0pU&list=PLjtqNtfs0bgXiksY33Ku3FxPRHhFkZcAL&index=2.

A run of show including testifiers’ names and titles can be found at this link on Scott’s website: https://www.pahouse.com/files/Documents/2024-06-03_111210__ERE%20Hearing%20Agenda%206.3.2024.pdf.