Venkat announces $750,000 in state funding for Northland Public Library

Will provide safety through rehabilitation of structure

HARRISBURG, Feb. 27 – New state funding of $750,000 to the Northland Public Library Authority in McCandless will help rehabilitate parts of the structure providing more safety to people who visit, state Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced today.

“Public libraries are important for our communities,” said Venkat. “While they offer access to books, computers and research, they also act as public spaces that can help the community come together.

“There are many events that take place at the Northland Public Library,” he said. “These include children and teen clubs, book discussion groups, computer classes and other group activities, making this rehabilitation and construction grant vital so that those who visit this library and engage in these activities can feel safe when doing so.”

The grant awarded to Northland Public Library in McCandless is part of a more-than-$4 million state funding package in Keystone Grants awarded to 21 public libraries statewide.

The grants pay up to 50% of eligible costs in planning, acquisition, construction and rehabilitation of public libraries. Examples of fundable projects include, but are not limited to: ADA upgrades, roof improvements, replacement windows, energy efficient upgrades to HVAC systems, facility expansion and new construction.

Award recipients were selected through a competitive grant process. The grants help public library facilities improve their operations, install equipment and upgrade security systems.