Venkat seeks to address disproportionate electronic credit card fees imposed upon health care providers

HARRISBURG, Nov. 30 – Today, Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, introduced legislation to prohibit mandatory electronic payment fees for health care providers providing essential care to patients.

Venkat’s legislation would prohibit health insurers or their contracted vendors that initiate payments to participating health care providers from requiring the use of an electronic credit card with a fee to transmit payment to the health care provider without the provider’s consent.

“Electronic payment fees cost large health care practices approximately $1 million and small health care practices approximately $100,000 annually,” Venkat said. “We have a responsibility to health care providers, who provide essential care to their patients, to prohibit these significantly disproportionate fees. With more than $2 trillion in medical claims paid electronically, it is time to update the law to reflect modern practices in the health care industry.”

In 2021, approximately 60% of health care practices paid significantly disproportionate electronic credit card payment fees.