$792,457 in grants awarded to the 30th Legislative District for sewers and stormwater management

EMSWORTH, Dec. 19 – Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced that the Commonwealth Financing Authority awarded $792,457 in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to address infrastructure issues with sewers and provide for stormwater management.

CFA awarded funding from the COVID-19 ARPA Pennsylvania Small Water & Sewer Program, including:

  • $293,899 to Emsworth Borough to improve the sanitary sewer system on Center Avenue.
  • $257,053 to Ben Avon Heights Borough to improve its sanitary sewer system with sewer lining and manhole rehabilitation.
  • $141,505 to Ohio Township to complete stormwater management at Ohio Township Community Park.
  • $100,000 to Deer Creek Drainage Basin Authority to provide for sewer lining in multiple townships, including Hampton Township.

“These grants make investments in stormwater management and sewer lining to assist the residents of Emsworth Borough, Ben Avon Heights Borough, Ohio Township, and Hampton Township,” Venkat said. “Act 54 of 2022 appropriated $105.6 million of ARPA funds to the Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Program. Now, we will utilize these funds to invest in our communities’ infrastructure.”

Venkat partnered with Sens. Devlin Robinson, R-Allegheny, and Wayne Fontana, D-Allegheny, to secure funding for Ohio Township and Ben Avon Heights Borough and Emsworth Borough, respectively. He also partnered with Sen. Lindsey Williams, D-Allegheny, and Reps. Mandy Steele, D-Allegheny, and Rob Mercuri, R-Allegheny, to secure funding for the Deer Creek Drainage Basin Authority, serving multiple townships in Allegheny County, including Hampton Township.

CFA awarded more than $12.71 million to 51 projects in Allegheny County through the COVID-19 ARPA Pennsylvania Small Water & Sewer Program.