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House passes Bizzarro’s first-time home buyer bill

(1 day ago)

Bizzarro, Harkins, Merski: More than $460,000 in grants will boost industries, apprenticeship programs in Northwest Pa.

(Feb 07, 2019)

Bizzarro bill would deter theft, quick resale of electronic devices

(Feb 06, 2019)

Bizzarro: Governor’s budget proposals that invest in students, workers are sound

(Feb 05, 2019)

Committee unanimously approves Bizzarro’s first-time home buyer bill

(Feb 05, 2019)

Bizzarro: House unanimously adopts ‘esports’ resolution

(Feb 04, 2019)

Bizzarro introduces ‘esports’ resolution

(Feb 01, 2019)

Bizzarro urges halt to changes in medical transportation program

(Jan 30, 2019)

Bizzarro appointed to four key House committees

(Jan 28, 2019)

Bizzarro: Grant will bring computer science to General McLane SD

(Jan 17, 2019)