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DEP offers assistance through Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging Program

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Bizzarro: Erie residents will benefit from $200,000 in community center grants

(1 day ago)

Bizzarro discusses first-time homebuyer bill at news conference

(Apr 12, 2018)

Committee approves Bizzarro’s bill for first-time homebuyers

(Apr 11, 2018)

Bizzarro expresses concerns over potential radar gun use by local police

(Apr 04, 2018)

Bizzarro reminds residents April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

(Apr 03, 2018)

Bizzarro’s legislation crucial part of Gov. Tom Wolf’s 21st century voting reform plan

(Mar 26, 2018)

3/21/18 – Community Planning – Erie

(Mar 26, 2018)

Bizzarro, House Democratic Policy Committee examine community planning

(Mar 21, 2018)

Bizzarro announces over $460,000 in state energy grant for Erie project

(Mar 16, 2018)

Sign up; Upcoming policy hearing; Session Week (March 12 – March 14); Nearly $632,500 in state money coming back to the region; Don’t miss our upcoming Veteran Assistance Program

(Mar 16, 2018)