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May 2017 Newsletter

(Jul 13, 2017)

Burns soliciting nominations for volunteerism award

(Jun 27, 2017)

Burns: State grants available for alternative fuel transportation

(Jun 21, 2017)
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Pa. joins in nationwide investigation of opioid companies

(Jun 16, 2017)

Attorney general’s investigation into opioid marketing and sale falls in line with Burns’ call for lawsuit against ‘Big Pharma’

(Jun 15, 2017)

Cambria, Cresson and Jackson townships approved for community development grants

(Jun 13, 2017)
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PA House bill proposes mandatory drug treatment for overdose victims

(Jun 09, 2017)

Burns: Upper Yoder Township gets $195,967 grant for traffic signal upgrades

(Jun 09, 2017)

Summer jobs for $15 an hour available through DCNR in the Altoona area

(Jun 07, 2017)

Burns: Require drug overdose survivors to get addiction treatment within 30 days, sue ‘Big Pharma’ for contributing to the crisis

(Jun 07, 2017)