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External Link >>> Think Tank: Pa. lawmakers must act to prevent gun violence: Dean

(1 day ago)

Dean Honors Pope Francis' Visit to Philadelphia

(Sep 22, 2015)

Dean connects seniors with help from programs, agencies

(Sep 11, 2015)

Pennsylvania becomes 23rd state to offer online voter registration

(Aug 28, 2015)

Annual senior fair is Sept. 10

(Aug 11, 2015)

WHYY: Dean speaks on importance of sustainble, fair budget for Pa

(Aug 05, 2015)

Responsible state budget negotiations, education investment and property tax relief sought by Democrats

(Jul 24, 2015)

Dean: Who the Pennsylvania budget stalemate really hurts

(Jul 15, 2015)

Dean: Easy ‘No’ Vote for Bad Budget

(Jul 02, 2015)

Dean: Pennsylvanians deserve a better budget

(Jul 01, 2015)