House Democrats - Alphabetical

Rep. Ryan A. Bizzarro

District 3: Erie County

Rep. Kevin Boyle

District 172: Montgomery and Philadelphia counties

Rep. Tim Briggs

District 149: Montgomery County

Rep. Donna Bullock

District 195: Philadelphia County

Rep. Danilo Burgos

District 197: Philadelphia County

Rep. Frank Burns

District 72: Cambria County

Rep. Thomas R. Caltagirone

District 127: Berks County

Rep. Michael B. Carroll

District 118: Lackawanna and Luzerne counties

Rep. Morgan B. Cephas

District 192: Philadelphia County

Rep. Joseph Ciresi

District 146: Montgomery County

Rep. Carolyn Comitta

District 156: Chester County

Rep. Scott Conklin

District 77: Centre County

Rep. Angel Cruz

District 180: Philadelphia County

Rep. Mary Jo Daley

District 148: Montgomery County

Rep. Margo Davidson

District 164: Delaware County

Rep. Austin Davis

District 35: Allegheny County

Rep. Tina Davis

District 141: Bucks County

Rep. Jason Dawkins

District 179: Philadelphia County

Rep. Dan Deasy

District 27: Allegheny County

Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio

District 194: Montgomery and Philadelphia counties

Rep. David M. Delloso

District 162: Delaware County

Rep. Tony Deluca

District 32: Allegheny County

Rep. Frank Dermody

Democratic Leader

District 33: Allegheny and Westmoreland counties

Rep. Maria P. Donatucci

District 185: Delaware and Philadelphia counties

Rep. Michael Driscoll

District 173: Philadelphia County

Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler

District 184: Philadelphia County

Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald

District 203: Philadelphia County

Rep. Marty Flynn

District 113: Lackawanna County

Rep. Dan B. Frankel

District 23: Allegheny County

Rep. Robert L. Freeman

District 136: Northampton County

Rep. Danielle Friel Otten

District 155: Chester County

Rep. Edward C. Gainey

District 24: Allegheny County

Rep. John T. Galloway

District 140: Bucks County

Rep. Liz Hanbidge

District 61: Montgomery County

Rep. Patrick J. Harkins

District 1: Erie County

Rep. Movita Johnson- Harrell

District 190: Philadelphia County

Rep. Jordan A. Harris

Democratic Whip

District 186: Philadelphia County

Rep. Carol Hill-Evans

District 95: York County

Rep. Joseph C. Hohenstein

District 177: Philadelphia County

Rep. Kristine C. Howard

District 167: Chester County

Rep. Sara Innamorato

District 21: Allegheny County

Rep. Mary Isaacson

District 175: Philadelphia County

Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta

District 181: Philadelphia County

Rep. Patty Kim

District 103: Dauphin County

Rep. Stephen Kinsey

District 201: Philadelphia County

Rep. Brian Joseph Kirkland

District 159: Delaware County

Rep. William C. Kortz

District 38: Allegheny County

Rep. Bridget M. Kosierowski

District 114: Lackawanna County

Rep. Leanne Krueger

District 161: Delaware County

Rep. Anita Astorino Kulik

District 45: Allegheny County

Rep. Summer Lee

District 34: Allegheny County

Rep. Mark A. Longietti

District 7: Mercer County

Rep. Maureen E. Madden

District 115: Monroe County

Rep. Steve Malagari

District 53: Montgomery County

Rep. Brandon Markosek

District 25: Allegheny County

Rep. Robert Matzie

District 16: Allegheny and Beaver counties

Rep. Steve McCarter

District 154: Montgomery County

Rep. Joanna E. McClinton

Democratic Caucus Chairman

District 191: Delaware and Philadelphia counties

Rep. Jeanne McNeill

District 133: Lehigh County

Rep. Robert Merski

District 2: Erie County

Rep. Dan Miller

District 42: Allegheny County

Rep. Gerald Mullery

District 119: Luzerne County

Rep. Kyle Mullins

District 112: Lackawanna County

Rep. Ed Neilson

District 174: Philadelphia County

Rep. Jennifer M. O'Mara

District 165: Delaware County

Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski

District 121: Luzerne County

Rep. Joseph A. Petrarca

District 55: Westmoreland, Armstrong and Indiana counties

Rep. Christopher M. Rabb

District 200: Philadelphia County

Rep. Adam Ravenstahl

District 20: Allegheny County

Rep. Harry A. Readshaw

District 36: Allegheny County

Rep. James R. Roebuck Jr.

District 188: Philadelphia County

Rep. Mark Rozzi

District 126: Berks County

Rep. Christopher Sainato

District 9: Lawrence County

Rep. Steve Samuelson

District 135: Northampton County

Rep. Ben Sanchez

District 153: Montgomery County

Rep. Christina Sappey

District 158: Chester County

Rep. Mike Schlossberg

District 132: Lehigh County

Rep. Peter G. Schweyer

District 22: Lehigh County

Rep. Melissa Shusterman

District 157: Chester and Montgomery counties

Rep. Brian K. Sims

District 182: Philadelphia County

Rep. Pam Snyder

District 50: Washington, Fayette and Greene counties

Rep. Jared G. Solomon

District 202: Philadelphia County

Rep. Mike Sturla

Democratic Policy Chairman

District 96: Lancaster County

Rep. Wendy Ullman

District 143: Bucks County

Rep. Greg Vitali

District 166: Delaware and Montgomery counties

Rep. Perry Warren

District 31: Bucks County

Rep. Joe Webster

District 150: Montgomery County

Rep. Jake Wheatley

District 19: Allegheny County

Rep. Dan Williams

District 74: Chester County

Rep. Mike Zabel

District 163: Delaware County