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Town Hall Meetings Oct. 3, Oct. 24 and Nov. 28

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Miller: Substance Abuse Forum hopes to forge path to recovery

(Oct 18, 2018)

Miller: Allegheny County school districts to receive $50,000 in safety grants

(Oct 05, 2018)

Miller to host Substance Abuse Forum Oct. 18

(Oct 02, 2018)
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Miller Calls for Yes Vote on Domestic Violence Bill

(Sep 26, 2018)
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Police Reform Goes Beyond Departments

(Sep 25, 2018)
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Miller Holding Three Town Halls This Fall

(Sep 25, 2018)

Republicans kill worker protection proposals in committee; silence supporters

(Sep 25, 2018)

House unanimously adopts Miller resolution to honor 100th anniversary of Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

(Sep 25, 2018)

Miller: We Must Do More to Protect Our Students From Violence

(Sep 17, 2018)