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A complete checkup: Basic screening for mental health makes sense

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Summer/Fall 2016 Newsletter

(Jun 09, 2016)
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Disability advocates, service providers rally for more funding

(Jun 07, 2016)

Brain Health Screening for Pa. Students

(May 18, 2016)
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Mt. Lebanon’s Miller introduces state mental health checkup bill

(May 17, 2016)

Bipartisan brain health/mental health checkup legislation introduced by Miller

(May 13, 2016)

Miller announces multiple fire department and EMS grants in 42nd District, applauds volunteers’ dedication

(Apr 20, 2016)
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Baking inclusion into daily life

(Mar 03, 2016)
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Mt. Lebanon state legislator hosts Children and Youth Disability and Mental Health Summit

(Feb 26, 2016)

Local family speaks about resources at Rep. Miller’s Disability and Mental Health Summit

(Feb 25, 2016)

Miller’s Disability and Mental Health Summit to include programming from Pittsburgh Youth Leadership Taskforce

(Feb 16, 2016)