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Sappey addresses gerrymandering in public meeting

(Aug 15, 2019)

Sappey supports legislation to curb gun violence

(Aug 06, 2019)

Sappey to host town hall on redistricting reform

(Aug 01, 2019)

Sappey supports health care reforms

(Jul 25, 2019)

Sappey supports government reform bills

(Jul 17, 2019)

Chester County receives $3.08 million in PHARE funding to support affordable housing

(Jul 12, 2019)

Sappey to host Lyme disease panel discussion

(Jul 05, 2019)

Trauma-informed education legislation becomes law

(Jul 02, 2019)

Sappey bill to fight red tape for municipalities unanimously passes House

(Jun 18, 2019)

Chester County receives $1.25 million in grants to increase security measures, help crime victims

(Jun 14, 2019)