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Progress Report: Here’s How Hard I Am Working for You

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Erie County to benefit from $447,000 in state funding for local children's advocacy center, expanding centers statewide

(Dec 13, 2018)

REAL ID Update

(Dec 07, 2018)

Millcreek Government Channel Conversation

(Dec 06, 2018)

2019 Calendar

(Dec 06, 2018)

Rep. Bizzarro's 2019 Capitol Scenes Calendar

(Dec 03, 2018)

Millcreek Township parks awarded $300,000-plus in grants

(Nov 14, 2018)

More than words; how Pennsylvania supports veterans

(Nov 09, 2018)

Heating aid via LIHEAP now open

(Nov 05, 2018)

Local school districts receive $50,000 in school safety grants

(Nov 01, 2018)

Trick-or-Treat hours for Erie!; Interchange Road construction update; Successful week of policy hearings; $182,000 to fund coastal projects along Lake Erie

(Oct 26, 2018)