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PLBC calls for vigilance in documenting and reporting possible voter intimidation tactics in Pennsylvania this fall

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PLBC supports Philadelphia commission’s response to racist videos

(Oct 11, 2016)

PLBC reminds those with criminal records: You may still have the right to vote

(Oct 04, 2016)

PLBC looks for action against West York mayor for racist posts

(Oct 03, 2016)
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Philly.com Letters: Not enough needy Pa. families getting help: Bullock

(Oct 03, 2016)

PLBC stands by Orlando LGBTQ shooting victims and their families

(Jun 13, 2016)

PLBC to host speaker to improve police and community relations in Harrisburg May 12

(Apr 27, 2016)

PLBC scholarship application deadline is April 22

(Apr 08, 2016)

PLBC to host licensing seminar for barbers and cosmeticians on April 18

(Apr 06, 2016)

PLBC supports house-passed medical marijuana bill

(Mar 16, 2016)

PLBC hosts rally for Flint residents

(Feb 23, 2016)