The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus was founded in 1973.  The purpose of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus is to serve as an information and advocacy vehicle to advance the interests of African-American, Latino, and other minority citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Black History Month Celebration held at the state Capitol.

Representative Ron Waters

Rep. Ron Waters, Chairman

Representative Jake Wheatley Jr.

Rep. Jake Wheatley, Vice Chairman

Representative Kenyatta Johnson

Rep. Kenyatta Johnson, Secretary

Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown.

Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown, Treasurer

Representative Louise Bishop

Rep. Louise Williams Bishop

Representative Angel Cruz

Rep. Angel Cruz

Representative Dwight Evans

Rep. Dwight Evans - Democratic Chair, House Appropriations Committee

Sen. Vincent Hughes - Democratic Chair, Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee

Representative Thaddeus Kirkland

Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland

Senator Shirley Kitchen

Sen. Shirley Kitchen - Democratic Chair, Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee

Representative John Myers

Rep. John Myers

Representative Frank Oliver

Rep. Frank Oliver - Democratic Chair, House Health and Human Services Committee

Representative Cherelle Parker

Rep. Cherelle Parker

Representative Tony Payton

Rep. Tony Payton

Representative Joseph Preston, Treasurer

Rep. Joseph Preston

Representatvie James Roebuck

Rep. James Roebuck - Democratic Chair, House Education Committee

Representative Curtis Thomas

Rep. Curtis Thomas

Senator LeAnna M. Wahington

Sen.LeAnna Washington - Democratic Chair, Senate Aging and Youth Committee

Representative Jewell Williams, Vice-Chair

Rep. Jewell Williams

Senator Anthony Williams

Sen. Anthony H. Williams - Democratic Chair, Senate State Government Committee

Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood