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Santarsiero calls for action on bill to create commuter and commerce toll tax credit

(Jul 21, 2016)

Petition to preserve Pa.-N.J. income tax accord picks up speed

(Jul 14, 2016)

Santarsiero urges action against Christie plan to end Pa.-N.J. tax accord

(Jul 08, 2016)

Santarsiero announces over $2.1 million in state grants

(Jul 05, 2016)

Women's Health Caucus: Repeal Pa. anti-abortion law to comply with Supreme Court decision, put women's health first

(Jun 30, 2016)

Private Flood Insurance: How it can help

(Jun 29, 2016)

Santarsiero primes bill to put Pa. in line with SCOTUS ruling on health clinics

(Jun 27, 2016)
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Santarsiero Fights to Keep Guns out of Dangerous Hands

(Jun 23, 2016)

House votes against chance to hear merits of no-fly, no-buy gun bill

(Jun 23, 2016)

Santarsiero announces plan to put gun reform bill before full House

(Jun 17, 2016)