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Thomas Fights to Preserve Historic University

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Thomas distributes nearly 100 food baskets to those less fortunate

(Nov 23, 2015)

State would take step back in criminal justice reform with mandatory minimum sentences

(Oct 28, 2015)

Houses passes bill to require certification for Philadelphia property assessors

(Oct 08, 2015)

Thomas: Republicans not serious about Pennsylvania budget

(Oct 07, 2015)

Thomas highlights need for education investment, compromise during budget impasse

(Aug 13, 2015)

Thomas discusses health and human services, calls for compromise

(Jul 30, 2015)

Thomas honors local graduates at annual award banquet

(Jul 23, 2015)

Thomas: GOP gimmick-filled budget fails our students and our state

(Jun 27, 2015)

House passes Thomas bill to modernize Second Stage Loan Program

(Jun 24, 2015)

Spring 2015 Newsletter

(Jun 01, 2015)