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Children and Youth Caucus Issues Final Report to General Assembly

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Thomas joins clergy, community leaders Friday to address string of shootings, reinforce 12 recommendations to reduce violence

(Jun 09, 2017)

A Call to Action in Response to a Crisis

(May 26, 2017)

Thomas opposes firearms pre-emption legislation

(Apr 27, 2017)

Bullock/Thomas host public meeting on 'Stop-and-Go' issues

(Apr 20, 2017)

Thomas to host Career, Technical and Building Trades Opportunity Conference

(Mar 20, 2017)

Thomas hosts public sector job fair

(Feb 28, 2017)

Thomas honors winners of his Black History Essay Contest

(Feb 27, 2017)

Winter 2017 Newsletter

(Feb 24, 2017)

Thomas calls for accountability and transparency for education tax credits

(Feb 10, 2017)