Bizzarro announces $90K grant for Belle Valley Fire Dept.

Funds will be used to purchase a vehicle to respond to medical calls

ERIE, Nov. 2 – Saving lives is about getting there in time, and a new grant will allow an Erie County volunteer fire department to do just that. State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, met with Belle Valley Fire Department firefighters Tuesday night to announce a $90,000 state grant has been approved for the department to purchase a quick response vehicle (QRV).

“Belle Valley had a specific need to purchase a reliable vehicle to transport first responders and equipment for medical assist calls so they could properly respond to life-and-death situations as quickly as possible,” Bizzarro said. “We can’t leave our local departments without the tools they need to effectively serve our community. While EMS companies and first responders across Pennsylvania have experienced serious obstacles, including a lack of funding, I was thankful to be able to step in to make certain Belle Valley received this much-needed funding.”

Bizzarro was instrumental in securing approval of the funding for the state grant. The funds will be used to purchase a four-door, 1-ton crew cab with four-wheel drive. The vehicle will be outfitted with emergency lights, siren, radios and basic mounting equipment. A QRV transports personnel and existing equipment, including fire extinguishers, forcible entry equipment, toolboxes, AED, O2, backboards, air packs, splints and other required equipment. 

Bizzarro has worked to support local fire and emergency medical service (EMS) companies at a time when staffing and funding issues are a statewide and national concern. In February, he announced more than $585,000 grants for Erie County Fire and EMS companies – including $13,520 for Belle Valley Fire Department. Just last month, he presented first responders with state grants totaling $637,000. During the last week, he has announced state funds totaling more than $14 million have been approved for several Erie projects. Overall, Bizzarro has secured more than $35 million in funds for Erie County in 2022.      

Belle Valley Fire Department has served the Erie community for more than 80 years, dating back to its establishment in 1938 when it became the third fire department in Millcreek Township – tasked with the protection of the eastern portion of Millcreek.

Photos of Tuesday night’s event announcing the approval of $90,000 in funding can be found here.