Policy Hearing: Misclassification hurts workers, taxpayers and state

(16 hours ago)

“This is a widespread, multimillion-dollar illegal practice happening across Pennsylvania in numerous industries and career fields,” Policy Chairman Ryan Bizzarro said. “It’s robbing our workers, it’s hurting our families, and – quite honestly – it’s creating a greater tax burden on the citizens and employers who are living by the rules and paying their fair share. The testimony we heard today should motivate responsible lawmakers to support a multi-faceted response, including several of the recommendations put forth by the task force.” Read more


Policy Hearing: Testifiers detail issues affecting health care staffing

(1 day ago)

“We are fortunate to have someone with Rep. Venkat’s vast background in the House as well as his willingness to host a Democratic Policy Committee hearing,” Bizzarro said. “This hearing highlighted numerous issues that need addressed, including the frightening and sometimes overlooked rise in violence toward health care professionals – the very people we need to be protecting and supporting.” Read more


Rep. Bizzarro announces $335K grant to improve water quality

(Jan 12, 2023)

“Through my work as chairman on the Policy Committee, I have heard from experts, advocates and lawmakers about our state’s increasing issues with flooding, stormwater management and water quality,” Bizzarro said. “This grant helps address some of those problems here at home, providing the money needed to make necessary changes to protect homes, resources, property and businesses.” Read more


Bizzarro secures grant funding for community violence reduction

(Jan 11, 2023)

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie) announced Wednesday that an Erie County organization is receiving grant money through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development for community violence reduction efforts. Read more


Bizzarro announces more than $250K to help high school grads

(Jan 11, 2023)

“I’m proud of the behind-the-scenes work my office did to ensure the state provided the funding needed for Early Connections,” Bizzarro said. “The state is working to improve our workforce, particularly in providing reasons for young people to remain in Pennsylvania, and Early Connections helps provide a direct link for high school graduates to the resources they need.” Read more


How Pennsylvania broke through its House speaker logjam

(Jan 09, 2023)

"We were committed to not letting the radicals win," pointing to the state-level Freedom Caucus recently assembled in the Keystone State. Read more


Erie County's state representatives were sworn in: What are their priorities?

(Jan 05, 2023)

“This November, Pennsylvania made historic decisions at the ballot box,” Bizzarro said in a news release. “This transition of power has been unlike any other, and ? quite frankly ? I have been disappointed in what has played out over the last couple months. I believe a more dignified and bipartisan solution was possible, but before today all we witnessed was sad attempts by Harrisburg Republicans to remain in power at whatever cost. I’m hopeful (Tuesday's) bipartisan action marked an end to some of those political games.” Read more


Pennsylvania officials sworn in for 2023-24 legislative session

(Jan 04, 2023)

“I’m ready to work for all Pennsylvanians,” Bizzarro said, “and I know Speaker Rozzi – we came into the House together – and I know he has pledged to do the same.” Read more


Bizzarro sworn in for sixth term in PA House

(Jan 03, 2023)

“I’m ready to work for all Pennsylvanians,” Bizzarro said, “and I know Speaker Rozzi – we came into the House together – and I know he has pledged to do the same.” Read more


State lawmakers introduce bill to ban TikTok

(Dec 30, 2022)

“We have plenty of issues facing the nation and Pennsylvania. I think the people that elected us elected us to do a job that benefits them on a daily basis. Certainly, the monitoring and policing what’s on Tik Tok is probably not in their top priorities, but again if it’s something that the public thinks that we need to address, of course we’ll fix it,” said State Representative Ryan Bizzaro. Read more


Bizzarro recaps 2021-22 legislative session

(Dec 30, 2022)

The 2021-22 legislative session included an unprecedented $92 million in state funds returning to the region. Read more


Bizzarro looks forward to successful session

(Dec 28, 2022)

“In the 21-22 session alone, I was able to bring $92 million back to the region. That is an unprecedented amount of money through Erie County. In our most recent budget, where we had an influx of education funding like this state has never seen- all with no tax increases to Pennsylvanians,” said Bizzarro. Read more


Proposed constitutional amendment could be determined by House power struggle

(Dec 22, 2022)

"If Harrisburg Republicans can’t find the fraud, I can’t imagine them finding the votes for this bill, as is, without it being part of a broader package of bills that would expand voting rights in Pennsylvania," Bizzarro said. Read more


Bizzarro announces $779K in Erie rail improvements

(Dec 14, 2022)

“These grants will allow state money to create jobs here in Erie County, while also improving the efficiency of the supply chain, rail infrastructure and the efficiency at a new recycling plant,” Bizzarro said. “I’m pleased to see state money returning to Erie County where it will not only help our local communities but also the entire region.” Read more


Bizzarro announces more than $7.7M in grants to address Erie safety

(Dec 14, 2022)

“Working in the district attorney’s office, I saw first-hand how money approved by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency had a positive impact on victims, families and our community as a whole,” Bizzarro said. “I will always be a staunch advocate to bring this money back to our district – where it can bring about change.” Read more


Bizzarro announces $12K for Erie County veterans, programs

(Dec 13, 2022)

“Veterans and their families have dutifully served, wherever and whenever they are called,” Bizzarro said. “It’s just one reason why I have written legislation and made a long-term commitment to support veterans and their families through my position in Harrisburg and here in Erie.” Read more


Bizzarro welcomes new leaders to House Democratic Policy team

(Dec 08, 2022)

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, announced new vice chairs, as well as two new subcommittee chairs. Read more


Bizzarro announces almost $20K in cultural, historical grants

(Dec 07, 2022)

“I’m pleased to see the state once again step in to support and help strengthen the work of museums and organizations of historical importance in Erie County,” Bizzarro said. “This support will help to ensure the work being done in Erie County – including the creation of educational programs, on-hand exhibits, archives and more – will continue, and the programs offered at the Hagen History Center and expERIEnce Children’s Museum will continue to have a positive impact on Erie residents of all ages.” Read more


Bizzarro announces $1M in funding for Julia House

(Nov 18, 2022)

“Julia Hospice and Palliative Care reached out to my office to highlight Erie County’s need for an inpatient hospice care facility,” Bizzarro said. “They noted the transformation taking place in health care in recent years to provide quality services earlier in the process of treating serious illnesses. I was understandably moved by their vision – as anyone would be, especially those who have needed to secure hospice care for a loved one – and I’m thrilled with today’s news that will allow this project to move forward.” Read more


House Democratic Caucus Elects 2023/24 Leadership Team

(Nov 15, 2022)

Tuesday the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus unanimously re-elected its current Leadership team to serve in the 2023/24 legislative session. Read more