Briggs: Governor’s budget proposal includes needed higher education investments

HARRISBURG, Feb. 4 – State Rep. Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery and a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Board of Governors, issued the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed state budget for fiscal year 2020-21:

“As a member of the PASSHE board, I’m encouraged to see Governor Wolf propose significant investments in the state system so that more students can attend our schools and obtain a quality education, without worrying about drowning in debt later. Supporting students with financial aid and encouraging them to remain in Pennsylvania after graduation will help us build our talented workforce and grow our economy.

“We know it’s time for the state system to change so that it can continue to provide a quality and affordable education to Pennsylvania students, and the governor’s proposed investments in financial aid and the redesign of the state system would help ensure we are providing what students need well into the future.”

Details on the governor’s budget proposal are available here.