Briggs’ bill to authorize land conveyances passes House

HARRISBURG, July 2 – State Rep. Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery, today announced that H.B. 2216, a bill designed to authorize the sale and transfer of state-owned properties across Pennsylvania, has successfully passed the House.

"These land conveyances are crucial for maintaining and improving infrastructure while ensuring the efficient use of state-owned properties," Briggs said. "H.B. 2216 will allow us to manage our resources effectively and benefit communities across Pennsylvania."

The bill facilitates the legislative approval required for the sale or transfer of most state-owned properties. This is a common task that happens each two-year session to ensure the proper management and utilization of these lands.

Specifically, as introduced, H.B. 2216 would release state claims on a specific area of land within the Valley Forge National Historical Park in Montgomery County.

An amendment to the bill would authorize the Department of General Services to take action regarding 10 other parcels throughout the state. The amendment also would grant authorization to PennDOT and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to complete over a dozen land conveyances. These conveyances will replace state park lands used for highway improvement projects.