Bill to update regulations for dog kennels passes House

HARRISBURG, July 2 – Dog kennels in Pennsylvania are poised to save money and operate more efficiently due to the passage of H.B. 2413, introduced by state Rep. Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery.

"House Bill 2413 would support service dog organizations, reduce unnecessary costs for dog owners, and ensure that our kennels operate efficiently and safely,” Briggs said.

The bill introduces a reduced-cost license category specifically for service dog kennels that breed and train dogs for nonprofit service dog organizations. This change aims to support organizations by lowering their operational costs.

The bill also would modify the strict isolation requirement for dogs brought to kennels from out of state. Under the new provisions, kennels with a veterinary care plan designed to minimize the chances of disease transmission would no longer need to enforce isolation as rigidly.

Additionally, the bill seeks to save dog owners money by removing the current requirement that a veterinary certificate must be re-issued every 60 days in order to board out-of-state dogs in Pennsylvania. This change would make it easier and more affordable for dog owners visiting from another state to use kennel services.