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State Rep. Amen Brown helps secure multiple grants for West Philadelphia

State Rep. Amen Brown helps secure multiple grants for West Philadelphia

(Nov 23, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 23 – State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., helped secure additional grants that will help improve public safety throughout his district and provide education about urban agriculture and food sustainability. According to Brown, $182,000 was granted to the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative to purchase, install and maintain 340 security cameras for businesses and residents in areas with high crime rates and low security throughout West Philadelphia. Funding was provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Developments’ Local Share Account – Philadelphia. Methodist Family Services of Philadelphia received $15,000 from the Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School Program. This funding will provide education about urban agriculture at Heritage Farm. “I am dedicated to improving the quality of life for all of my constituents,” Brown said. “When you invest in the community, you invest in the people who live there. And, I am grateful that I was able to assist in securing these grants to make sure that West Philadelphians are not just surviving but thriving.” Read more


State Rep. Amen Brown helps secure multiple grants for district

(Nov 19, 2021)

State Rep. Amen Brown helps secure multiple grants for district Grants approved today by Commonwealth Financing Authority PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 19 – State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., today announced state grants totaling nearly $397,000 to improve the quality of life of his constituents by enhancing safety measures around his district. Brown helped to secure $40,000 for Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, which sees approximately 180,000 visitors yearly. The current entrance is a dangerous spot for pick-ups and drop-offs due to traffic and unsafe driving patterns. The project includes a one-way driving loop to help avoid traffic accidents. It also will be made ADA accessible, providing easier access to the park. Fairmount Park Conservancy received $220,000 to start the planning process of improving transportation throughout West Fairmount Park. The project will include sidewalk improvements, ADA ramps at all street crossings, and the improvement of pedestrian and bike routes to make it a safe environment for everyone. VICA and 4151 Lancaster Avenue LLC will renovate their training center with a $136,728 grant. This will fix their sidewalks, provide tree removal, and install lighting to create a safer connection around the facility. “I am delighted to partner with businesses and organizations in our community that are working to provide safe and easy access to recreational activities Read more


Now open for applications: Workforce development, clean diesel, and DC fast charging funding opportunities

(Nov 04, 2021)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Department of Labor & Industry: Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grants (Funding Source: Federal Funding) Who May Apply : Local workforce development boards, non-profit agencies (community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, etc.) or small businesses meeting certain criteria (see program guidelines). Uses : To provide digital literacy classes emphasizing career development skills, including digital fundamentals, digital job seeking, digital citizenship, and digital information. Funds : Grants of up to $45,000 each. Application Deadline : December 21 More Information : Click on https://www.dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Workforce-Development/grants/Pages/default.aspx . Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: State Clean Diesel Grant Program (Funding Source: Federal Funding and State Mitigation Trust - Volkswagen Emissions Settlement) Who May Apply : Pennsylvania Businesses, Incorporated Nonprofits, State, Local, or Tribal Government Agencies, Air Quality or Transportation Organizations, Metropolitan or Rural/Regional Transportation Planning Organizations, and Federal Government Agencies. Uses : Diesel emission reduction projects, including, but not limited to: verified exhaust controls; engine upgrades and certified remanufacture systems; verified idle reduction technologies; certified engine Read more


LIHEAP: Expanded Home-Heating Assistance is Available to PA Renters, Homeowners

(Oct 21, 2021)

LIHEAP is a federally funded program administered by the Department of Human Services that provides assistance for home heating bills so Pennsylvanians can stay warm and safe during the winter months. Read more


Now open for applications: Recycling, RACP, and disaster relief funding opportunities

(Oct 01, 2021)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Victims Rights Law Enforcement Video Project (Funding Source: Federal Funding) Who Can Apply : Any entity that can provide this service. Use : To develop a 5-minute video that can be presented during the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) training. Funds : Up to $25,000. Application Deadline : October 26 More Information : Click on https://www.pccdegrants.pa.gov/Egrants/Public/OpenAnnouncements.aspx . Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: Section 902 Recycling Implementation Grant ( Funding Source: Recycling Fund) Who May Apply : Counties, cities, boroughs, incorporated towns, townships, home rule municipalities, councils of governments, consortiums or similar entities established by two or more municipalities. Use : To fund costs associated with developing and implementing a recycling program. Funds : 90% funding of approved recycling program costs, up to $350,000. Financially distressed communities may receive up to 100% funding of approved costs, not to exceed $350,000. Application Deadline : October 29 (this program has re-opened for applications). More Information : Click on Read more


Brown negotiates historic agreement to ban sale of ghost gun kits at Pa. shows

(Oct 01, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, March 15 – State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., today announced an agreement he negotiated with the state’s largest gun show promoter and the PA Office of Attorney General to ban the sale of ghost gun kits at its shows. Brown, a first-term lawmaker representing Philadelphia’s 190 th Legislative District, joined Attorney General Josh Shapiro at a morning news conference to announce the agreement to halt the sale of 80% receiver kits at Eagle Arms gun shows. Eagle Arms owner credited Brown for leading him to the decision to ban these kits after Brown reached out to him to explain the devastation these kits were doing to the West Philadelphia communities he represents and communities across the city and the state. Brown said after visiting one of the company’s gun shows and watching how easily it was for individuals to purchase ghost guns and knowing these same types of guns are being used in his district to commit crimes, he recognized that immediate action was needed. Eagle Arms Production holds about 42 gun shows in the state each year. “It is my job to do everything I can to fight for and protect my community,” Brown said. “It is beyond heartbreaking to see how many lives are being lost and how many families are left in anguish due to senseless gun violence – the impact on my community is grave. The way in which these kits can so easily be purchased by anyone from table vendors who don’t Read more


Now open for applications: Alternative fuels vehicle and infrastructure funding opportunities

(Jul 30, 2021)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection : Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (Funding Source: General Fund) Who May Apply : School districts, municipal authorities, municipalities, nonprofits, private businesses. Use : Purchase or retrofit vehicles to operate on alternative fuels, purchase and install refueling equipment, and research or develop new technologies. Funds: Infrastructure and innovative technology project g rants up to $600,000. Vehicle grants up to $100,000 per vehicle, depending upon class of vehicle. Application Deadline : August 27; a second application round will close December 17 More Information : Click on https://www.dep.pa.gov/Citizens/GrantsLoansRebates/Alternative-Fuels-Incentive-Grant/Pages/default.aspx . UPCOMING APPLICATION DEADLINES: DEP Driving PA Forward Level 2 EV Charging Rebate Program: Until Funds Expended ( Funding Source: State Mitigation Trust - Volkswagen Emissions Settlement) Business, charitable organizations, incorporated nonprofits, local government entities, school districts, and other entities. - Rebates for Level 2 EV charging equipment for public use at government owned property, public use at non-government owned property, non-public use at work places, non-public use at multi-unit dwellings. DHS Children’s Read more


190th News from Rep. Amen's Desk

(Jul 23, 2021)

Gun violence community survey, Emergency Rental Assistance Program, community resources and bulletin. Read more


190th News from Rep. Amen's Desk

(Jul 19, 2021)

Gun violence community survey, district and legislative updates, events and resources. Read more


Brown announces Gun Violence Community Survey

(Jul 15, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, July 15 – State Rep. Amen Brown announced the launch of his office’s Gun Violence Community Survey, an action in line with Brown’s commitment to tackling gun violence. “Gun violence is an epidemic, and our approach to treating it is through systemic measures aimed at de-escalation, community building, good and transparent police work, and partnership-based cooperation,” Brown said. “At the 190th District Office, we want to know how you feel about gun violence, how to deal with it, and how to hold perpetrators accountable.” As chair of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus’ Subcommittee on Gun Violence and Public Safety, Brown is helping lead the effort to tackle the epidemic of gun violence across Pennsylvania, and in his West Philadelphia home district. Residents of the 190 th Legislative District are invited to complete the survey online , available at RepAmen.com under the “Programs” tab in the top navigation bar. For any questions or assistance, please contact RepAmen@pahouse.net . Read more


190th News from Rep. Amen's Desk

(Jul 14, 2021)

City pools, property tax / rent rebate, state and federal funding programs, community calendar, and more. Read more


State Funding Inquiry Form

(Jul 13, 2021)

State Funding Inquiry Form Read more


2020-2021 PA Grant & Resource Directory

(Jul 13, 2021)

2020-2021 PA Grant & Resource Directory Read more


190th News from Rep. Amen's Desk

(Jul 06, 2021)

News and legislative updates, state and federal grant programs, other funding opportunities, community bulletin and more. Read more


PLBC touts $30 million for community violence prevention

(Jun 25, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 25 – Today the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus touted the $30 million included in the state budget which will go toward community violence prevention including fighting gun violence, according to state Rep. and PLBC Chair Donna Bullock, D-Phila. Earlier this year, Bullock along with state Reps. Morgan Cephas and Amen Brown, both D-Phila., introduced H.B. 696 which provided for a similar community violence grant program. State Sen. Art Haywood, D-Phila., introduced a companion bill in the Senate. “Gun violence is epidemic in scope but personal in nature,” Bullock said. “The families of loved ones who have lost their lives to gun violence have rallied with us and asked us as legislators to do something. This money is an investment to be used toward that next step in the work for which the PLBC has been laying the groundwork for years. This investment will finally help us move forward to begin investing in programs that we know will work and are led by people in our communities with boots on the ground.” “Countless Pennsylvanians are carrying the physical and mental trauma of gun violence, with many experiencing the devastating effects daily,” Cephas said. “The funding is available for our legislature to become intentional with quelling this public health crisis. As lawmakers, it is our moral obligation to protect residents across this state, and the budget must reflect that. Read more


Fighting for public safety, working across the aisle

(Jun 22, 2021)

When introducing my recent legislation that involved instituting mandatory minimums for repeat offenders of violent crimes, I knew that it might raise some eyebrows. But I made a commitment to those who elected me to represent them – a commitment to be an advocate and make sure the needs and concerns of my constituents were strongly represented. Communities in my district and others across the state are being ravaged by gun violence. Families are experiencing the loss of loved ones to senseless acts, our seniors in the community are afraid to leave their homes, and children are being robbed of their futures by being murdered. Simply put, this is not okay. My action was aimed at offering a way to help combat the epidemic of gun violence. I know that this epidemic is not a one-solution-fits-all issue, and it will take a multifaceted approach to remedy it. That is why I have been working to get funds allocated to programs that address the systemic issues that plague so many communities. My question is: what about the right now? What are we doing to instill accountability and change the trajectory of the deadly violence? It is clear many feel that my proposal is not the preferred policy solution, and that is okay. There are many other proposals to consider, but we will not be able to address the issue at hand, though, unless we come together across the aisle. Communities in our state are getting decimated, and gun violence is a leading cause of this decimation. We Read more


190th News from Rep. Amen's Desk

(Jun 21, 2021)

Property tax / rent rebate deadline extended, $3M in grant funding for the 190th, state & federal resources, and the community bulletin. Read more


Brown: Legislature must act now to guarantee housing access for all Pennsylvanians

(Jun 09, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 8 – State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., has announced the introduction of new legislation in the state House to help ensure fairness in housing, remove unnecessary barriers, and allow for more Pennsylvanians to have a chance at secure and stable housing. “The ability to obtain housing should be accessible by everyone, regardless of their background,” Brown said. “We must do our part to end discriminatory housing practices in our state.” When applying for a rental home, some Pennsylvanians are experiencing housing discrimination due to past criminal history. One component to reducing recidivism is ensuring housing security. By simply checking a box saying that one has a criminal history, individuals are often immediately denied that opportunity to secure housing. Brown plans to introduce legislation to impact where criminal justice and housing rights intersect. The legislation would put an end to such discriminatory practice and “ban the box” that asks whether a person has been convicted of a crime on rental applications, acknowledging that the people being impacted the most are Black and brown people. This approach would provide individuals and their families a fair chance at putting a roof over their heads. “We must ensure a more equitable housing market for all Pennsylvanians,” Brown said. For more questions about this legislation, residents may contact Brown’s office at Read more


Brown: It’s time to end medical copays for incarcerated Pennsylvanians

(Jun 08, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 8 – State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., has announced the introduction of legislation to permanently end medical copays for incarcerated Pennsylvanians. Paid an average hourly rate of 42 cents per hour, incarcerated Pennsylvanians regularly face difficult financial decisions during incarceration. The choice they are often forced to face is whether they should spend $5 on a copay to receive basic health care services or on other necessities, such as food, phone/email costs or undergarments. “If we do the math, an incarcerated individual will have to work about 12 hours to earn enough to pay just one medical copay,” Brown said. “Having to make such a decision places an unfair financial burden on those incarcerated.” Not only does the $5 copay pose a financial burden to those incarcerated, but it also presents a public health dilemma by discouraging sick individuals from getting needed care. While inmates still receive medical care if they cannot pay the copay, their account balance goes into the negative, often requiring additional payments from family members to pay off the balance. “This is not how health equity is achieved,” Brown noted. “We can and must do better.” To alleviate the pressure put on our incarcerated individuals to pay copays, Brown will be introducing legislation to permanently end the $5 copay requirement for medical services. Brown’s legislation follows his successful Read more


190th News from Rep. Amen's Desk

(Jun 04, 2021)

Unclaimed property search, streamlining state government, gun violence awareness month, youth summer career fest, funding opportunities for the 190th, and community resource bulletin. Read more