Rep. Amen Brown's Biography

Amen Brown was elected to serve his first term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in November 2020.

Amen is a father, entrepreneur, community servant, and a voice for his community.

Amen is a true native of his district, born and raised in the heart of West Philadelphia. Being a lifelong resident of the community has allowed for Amen to understand the needs of his constituents on a deeply personal level. Amen was raised in a low-income family by a single mother and knows the everyday struggle that working families have to endure. Amen has experienced food insecurity, experienced homelessness, and has been without other necessities such as health care. 

Through his story and upbringing, he learned the most important lesson – perseverance above all. Amen’s lived experiences have fueled his passion for creating transformational change. Amen is a fearless advocate for his community and he will work tirelessly to ensure that his constituents have access to resources to better their overall well-being.

Amen believes in creating positive and productive opportunities to help achieve better outcomes for generations to come. As a legislator, Amen’s priorities include funding for education and financial literacy programs, economic development initiatives that support small business and increase job growth, public safety improvement efforts, and fighting for the well-being of seniors.

Amen is a graduate of the Philadelphia public school system - attending Hamilton, Sayre, and Overbrook High School. He also attended the Community College of Philadelphia.

Amen is ready to serve the people of Philadelphia, understanding the importance of integrity, accountability, and responsibility.