Burns gets $72,000 in state grants for police cars

Grants will benefit two local police departments

HARRISBURG, Oct. 12 – As chair of the Blue Lives Matter Caucus in Harrisburg, state Rep. Frank Burns knows one of the best ways to fight crime is to make sure local police have the tools they need, which is why he recently worked to secure two $36,000 grants to help two local police departments buy new police cars.

“Every day we ask our police officers to be there for us, to go above and beyond to keep our communities safe,” Burns said. “We need to make sure they have the tools to do the job, which is why when I was asked to help these departments, I made it a priority.”

Working in Harrisburg, Burns secured two $36,000 grants, one each for Croyle Township and the West Hills Regional Police Department. The grants are in addition to a $64,343 state grant to help equip the Johnstown Police Department with body cameras.

Since taking office, Burns has worked tirelessly to support law enforcement by pushing for commonsense policies to keep criminal off the streets, voting to strengthen penalties for crimes, and forming the Blue Lives Matters Caucus in Harrisburg to rally support for pro-police legislation.

Last month he introduced the Blue Alert Act legislation, which would establish a Blue Alert System under the Pennsylvania Amber Alert System law. The system would be operated by the Pennsylvania State Police and could be an important tool to protect officers and the public during dangerous threats to public safety.