Cephas praises award of $350,000 in grants to local green spaces

Harrisburg, Sept. 8 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas today announced that two projects in the 192nd Legislative District will receive major grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The grants include:

  • Jastech Development Services Inc., $150,000, Development of Overbrook NatureWorks Park. Work to include renovation of building; construction of pedestrian walkways and stormwater management measures; installation of play equipment with required safety surfacing, fencing, interpretive signage, lighting and utilities; ADA access, landscaping, project sign and other related site improvements.
  • Neighborhood Gardens Trust, $200,000, Payment toward the acquisition of three to five community gardens in West Philadelphia for neighborhood open space protection.

“I applaud this investment. The green spaces in our neighborhoods are as essential as the water or the electricity to our community. The recreation in green zones is a fundamental part of our lives and fundamental part of healthy communities,” Cephas said. “We need to protect and revitalize those spaces, which are the lungs of our city. These funds will enhance community access, secure preservation and provide safety resources, among other improvements.”

Cephas added that 5 Loaves, 2 Fish, a Community Garden located at 55th and Jefferson streets, preserved under the guidance of the organization Neighborhood Garden Trust, will see a well-deserved boost to their agenda.

 “These funds will be applied to sustaining their existing location,” Cephas said. “The organization is also hopeful to acquire other parcels in the district with the funds. This is a memorable day for all of us.”