Rep. Tina Davis' Biography

Putting people first and finding creative, bipartisan solutions to problems has become Tina Davis’ trademark.

State Rep. Tina Davis was first elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2010 to serve the 141st Legislative District. Now entering her fifth term, Rep. Davis has forged a leading role on key issues, including economic development and opportunity; job creation; pay equity; property tax reform; and programs assisting families, seniors and veterans.

Described by a local newspaper as "an active and accomplished legislator with long roots in the community, and prior experience as a township council member," Rep. Davis’ commonsense legislation, votes and philosophies span partisan divides and serve the greater good not only in Bucks County but throughout the commonwealth.


Key Legislative Achievements 2017-2018

  • Rep. Davis played a key role in advocating for changes in a Senate bill that became Act 59 which ensures that a recovery residence applying for certification would be inspected and monitored by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. The department also would develop and administer a certification program and standards for operation of recovery residences that receive state or federal funding.

  • Alarmed by the misuse of controlled substances, Davis co-sponsored legislation restricting their accessibility. Act 96 mandates the electronic prescribing of Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances because written prescriptions have often fallen into the wrong hands. Act 116 limits the sale of over-the-counter cough medicines containing dextromethorphan (DXM) to minors by creating a new summary offense for a person who knowingly sells a DXM product to a minor, or for a person who misrepresents their age to obtain DXM.

  • Seeing how grandparents and other family members have stepped in to care for children when their parents are no longer able, she co-sponsored Act 88 gives temporary guardianship in 90-day increments up to a year to grandparents or other family members so they have the right to make important decisions for the children they are caring for, like taking them to the doctor or enrolling them in school. 

  • To strengthen children’s protections from child abuse, Act 92 will amend the Protection from Abuse Act to inform the court whether a defendant has been involved with a child abuse investigation.

  • To ensure that a victim of domestic violence is not forced to pay their abuser, Davis’s amendment to the legislation that became Act 102 makes an abusive spouse ineligible to receive either spousal support or alimony pendente lite (APL).

  • Since only half of the millions of people with mental illness receive treatment in the U.S., Davis co-sponsored Act 106 will change outpatient commitment standards for people with serious mental illness so they can have access to the mental health treatment they require. She also fought for Act 110 will allow institutions of higher education to establish student mental health and suicide prevention plans to provide educators, staff and fellow students with the information and tools they need to spot the signs mental illness and help prevent suicide.

  • Rep. Davis’ long focus on economic development and job creation in Bucks County helped push through Act 100 that increases the amount of available tax credits in the Neighborhood Assistance Program and establishes a Realty Transfer Tax exemption to assist organizations and businesses looking to perform community-based improvement programs in distressed neighborhoods.

  • To cut down on bureaucratic red tape, Act 107 will create the Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop Act within the Department of Community and Economic Development to provide online, one-stop service to assist businesses. The portal will help to streamline a cumbersome and time-consuming process for the commonwealth’s job creators.

  • Since residents rely on our high-quality medical services to live healthy and full lives, Act 112 will require that the results of diagnostic imaging services about abnormal test results be provided directly to outpatients within 20 days of being sent to the patient’s ordering physician.

  • Concerned that college students will be burdened for life by student debt, Rep. Davis co-sponsored Act 121 will require institutions of higher education to send annual letters to students about their education loan debt, including estimates of their debt at graduation and estimated monthly payments. The goal of this information is to encourage students to get the most out of their education and make reasonable and responsible financial decisions.

  • An animal lover, Rep. Davis co-sponsored Act 104 which grants immunity to a police officer or other public safety professional who has to break into a hot car to rescue a cat or dog.


Previous Legislative Achievements

  • Rep. Davis proposed an amendment to the Taxpayer Relief Act that eliminates veterans' disability payments from income eligibility under the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program (PTRR). Previously, disability payments that a veteran received from the Veterans Administration were included as income to determine eligibility for PTRR.

  • Long a proponent of legislation to protect victims of domestic violence, Rep. Davis proposed an amendment to legislation that became Act 111 of 2016 that criminalized the act of strangling another person.

  • Seeing the confusion caused by the Child Protective Services statute, Rep. Davis’ amendment to legislation that became Act 15 of 2015 sought to clarify and make more explicit provisions in the statute for employees and adult volunteers who work with children to obtain criminal background check clearances and child abuse clearances.  

  • After seeing homes and businesses being looted by scrap metal thieves, she worked with industry and law enforcement to forge bipartisan legislation – now Act 79 of 2014 – that is helping to stem the plague of metal thefts across Pennsylvania.

  • Media reports of repeated and sickening instances of online "revenge porn" prompted Rep. Davis to spearhead legislation – now Act 115 of 2014 – that establishes criminal and civil penalties for disseminating images of a former intimate partner without consent.

  • Responding to repeated "Pay-to-Play" instances and allegations across the commonwealth, Rep. Davis introduced tough legislation that would prohibit public officials and candidates in Pennsylvania from accepting ANY gift valued at more than $50.

  • As a former real estate agent, Rep. Davis saw first-hand how unfair property taxes were driving people – especially seniors – from their homes. She was an early supporter of state legislation to eliminate residential property taxes and remains committed to seeing an end to the unfair and archaic levies while fighting for responsible education funding.

  • Rep. Davis is not afraid of stepping on toes when she confronts issues that need to be addressed. When insufficiently regulated drug and alcohol halfway houses posed a threat to communities, Rep. Davis stepped up forcefully for new legislation and oversight.


Bucks’ County’s Best Advocate in Harrisburg

  • As a councilwoman, Rep. Davis implemented the only township-funded program in Bucks County to aid homeowners facing foreclosure.

  • As a member of the House Manufacturing Caucus, Rep. Davis has helped to bring industrial and political leaders to Bucks County to see its many advantages and skilled workforce.

  • Using her increasing influence in Harrisburg, Rep. Davis has brought expert panels to Bucks County to lay the groundwork for combating online fraud and bullying, and heroin and opiate abuse, and to devise fairer taxes and better services for America’s military veterans.

  • Despite the full slate, Rep. Davis’ heart and home remain in Bucks County, even as she seeks more solutions in Harrisburg. Her Levittown office is constantly abuzz with community projects, including shredding events and "Treasure Hunts" for missing property being held by the commonwealth.


Putting Real-World Experience to Use in Government

Rep. Davis’ successes in Harrisburg are a natural outgrowth of her experience on Bristol Township Council, where she made helping families and economic development her priorities.

As a resident of Bristol Township, Rep. Davis was frustrated by neighborhood flooding, so she went to the township office to see what she could do and quickly became involved in municipal operations to solve the problem.

After being elected to Bristol Township Council in 2006, Rep. Davis became council vice president and served on its finance, pension, and building, planning and zoning committees.

She quickly built on her early accomplishments addressing road repairs and flooding by:

  • Helping to create a local Keystone Opportunity Zone to develop a major vacant property and bring jobs to the area.

  • Working with county, state and federal agencies to secure grants to renovate the municipal building, help local fire companies, and obtain a new street sweeper truck and new camera truck for the sewage treatment plant.

  • Winning a low-interest state loan to renovate the sewer plant.

  • Shepherding multiple road and drainage projects.

She has also served as a state Democratic committeeperson.


Family First

As a 1983 graduate of LaSalle University with a degree in computer science, Rep. Davis and her husband, Jim, own a small local trucking business.

Their top priority is their three children: son James and daughters Taylor and Cameron.

Rep. Davis is a hockey mom, loves to cook and has volunteered as a basketball coach, room mom at her children's schools, and with the local Girl Scouts and the American Cancer Society.

Rep. Davis is a public servant committed to working on behalf of Bucks County and the 141st Legislative District.