Davis announces $975,000 grant for Bristol Township

HARRISBURG, Nov. 19 – Continuing her efforts to provide state funding for the necessary infrastructure needs and projects in her legislative district, state Rep. Tina Davis today announced Bristol Township has been approved for a $975,000 grant to repair the Randall Avenue Bridge through the Multimodal Transportation Fund Program.

“Our region had a vital need to improve and update the Randall Avenue Bridge,” Davis said. “This grant will allow priority repairs to be completed on the bridge and allow the bridge to remain open to traffic while designs and construction for a new bridge are finalized and completed.”

The Randall Avenue Bridge, originally constructed in 1919, crosses above four Amtrak rail lines. The grant will provide the funds needed to patch and repair the bridge’s concrete surrounding the girder bearing areas, reseal joints, repair deteriorating bottom flanges, and repair flanges and concreate-encased steel beams. The repairs will also include improvement of stormwater draining around the bridge.

The Multimodal Transportation Fund provides grants for economic development and to preserve, rehabilitate and improve safe transportation. Grants can range from $100,000 to $3 million for projects. The Commonwealth Financing Authority, which is an independent agency of the Department of Community and Economic Development, approved the grant Friday.