Rep. Tina Davis issues statement on Texas school shooting

HARRISBURG, May 26 – Rep. Tina Davis released the following statement on this week’s deadly school shooting.

“I stand with so many across the country in mourning the innocent victims, including 19 children, who were brutally slaughtered on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas.  As a mother of three, I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain and anguish that these families are going through today. However, the sad reality is even though I cannot fathom what the victims’ parents are experiencing, there are hundreds of mothers and fathers across the United States who know exactly what it’s like to be told your son or daughter will not be returning home from school. They know, because they too have been forced to bury a child following a deadly school shooting. 

“The United States of America is the only country in the world where mass murders of this kind have become commonplace. Lawmakers offer thoughts and prayers, and the public is forced to wait and see where the next school shooting will take place.

“As a mother and lawmaker, that doesn’t even begin to cut it for me. I will not sit idly by and wait for another shooting to happen in Pennsylvania. I am calling on Congress to immediately reinstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and ban large-capacity magazines. Mass shootings have increased since the original version of the law expired in 2004.   

“On Wednesday, I joined with my Democratic colleagues in renewing our call for action on an assault-weapons ban in Pennsylvania, as well as several other commonsense gun safety measures – including a ban on large-capacity magazines. My colleagues and I signed a petition to call for a discharge resolution that would force a vote on these measures. All but one Republican voted against this resolution. Not only are they against taking the necessary steps to protect our children from the same horrific fate as those in Uvalde, Newtown, Parkland and so many others, they refused to even let the measures come up for a vote. They are so beholden to the gun lobby that they are willing to continue sacrificing our children’s lives. Enough is enough. We need action on an assault weapons ban, large-capacity magazines ban and commonsense gun safety now.”