Davis, Shusterman applaud passage of Uniform Family Law Arbitration Act

HARRISBURG, May 23 – State Reps. Tina Davis, D-Bucks, and Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester, today applauded PA House passage of the Uniform Family Law Arbitration Act.

Davis and Shusterman were the bill’s prime sponsors.

The act would simplify the family law process, allowing families to voluntarily resolve disputes outside the courtroom.

“Resolving family disputes in court is not only a long process,” Davis said, “but it often places undue stress on the families themselves, especially when children are involved. This act will allow families to expedite the process and avoid the courtroom, which can be more intimidating and stressful than helpful.”

Shusterman echoed Davis’ sentiments. “Family Court disputes are often costly and painful,” Shusterman said. “Whether they involve marital property, child custody and support, or other complicated family issues, these cases significantly impact everyone involved. Our legislation would give families another option to resolve these legal disputes that level the financial playing field for all involved. Arbitration would also reduce stress on our burdened state court system.”

The bill, passed by the House with bipartisan support, will now head to the Senate for consideration.