Pennsylvania House Labor & Industry votes on paid leave legislation

HARRISBURG, June 6 – During a voting meeting Tuesday, the Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee reported two pieces of legislation, HB181 and SB226, out of committee and to the House floor.

The House bill would establish the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program and the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Fund in Pennsylvania. The bill also would establish the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Advisory Board to provide a public education campaign and assist the Department of Labor and Industry with the implementation of the act.

“Paid leave means a stronger Pennsylvania. Forcing people to make the impossible choice between work and family is not only harmful to Pennsylvanians, but it also hurts our state economy,” said Rep. Jason Dawkins, chair of the House Labor and Industry Committee. “Passing this legislation and establishing a paid family and medical leave program is beneficial to families and the economy because people with peace of mind are better able to focus on the task at hand, both at home and at work.”

The Senate bill would amend the Fire and Panic Act to allow Department of Human Services licensed family child-care homes until Sept. 6 or the expiration of their current license to comply with the Fire and Panic Act.