Khan Holds FREE Health and Wellness Expo at Roxborough Hospital School of Nursing

(10 hours ago)

PA. state Rep. Tarik Khan’s first annual Health and Wellness Expo brought together community members and service providers to provide everything from health screenings to yoga lessons, to hand massages! Read more


Honoring Our Patients’ Last Wishes

(1 day ago)

As printed in the Chestnut Hill Local and East Falls Forward I still serve as a family nurse practitioner at Abbotsford Falls Health Center once a week. My Friday morning shifts have greatly informed my legislative advocacy. For example, my clinical work influenced my bills expanding school-based health centers and allowing nurse practitioners to practice to the fullest extent of their license. Another legislative issue I've frequently considered, due to my continued nursing service, is ensuring that patients are the primary decision-makers in their care. For insurance, I've seen patients with hypertension tell me they do not wish to start blood pressure medication. Some with high cholesterol don't want to be prescribed Lipitor or other similar medicines. And some with diabetes don't want to take insulin or check their blood sugar. While I share with patients from my perspective what is most clinically appropriate, part of my role is to be an educator and an advocate. Not a judge. Not the primary decision-maker for patients. As a healthcare provider, I am a part of the patient's care team and duty-bound to ensure we follow a patient's healthcare decisions. And no time is more crucial to ensure a patient's wishes are carried out than when they are at the end of their life. Recently, a constituent at my Manayunk office came to advocate for a PA Senate bill 631 Read more


State Rep. Tarik Khan, others introduce bipartisan resolution marking September 2023 as ‘National Recovery Month’

(Sep 07, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Sept. 7 – State Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., and several other state legislators on Wednesday circulated a bipartisan co-sponsorship memo that would designate September 2023 as National Recovery Month in the commonwealth if passed by the state House. “As a nurse, I’ve seen the impact of substance use on persons in our community. Too often, individuals struggle with substance use because of the failures of our healthcare system, including unscrupulous drug companies, inadequate policies and regulations,” Khan said. “I’m proud to have helped lead this bipartisan legislation to recognize that recovery is possible and highlight the importance of supporting recovery efforts in our commonwealth.” Rep. Jamie Flick, R-Lycoming/Union, a prime co-sponsor, echoed Khan’s remarks. “Recovery is possible. Treatment works. There are programs and people in place to help every person struggling with addiction, and resources for families of addiction. I cannot stress enough that every person – regardless of how long they’ve been struggling with addiction – is deserving of recovery,” Flick said. Another co-prime sponsor, Rep. Mike Cabell, R-Luzerne, highlighted the horrors of substance use disorder, adding that this is an area of major concern for legislators on both sides of the aisle. “National Recovery Month holds special meaning for me due Read more


Let’s make Michael’s Law a reality in Pennsylvania.

(Aug 31, 2023)

By: State Representative Tarik Khan As published in the East Falls Forward and Chestnut Hill Local I stood in the middle of the room and gazed at the walls. The afternoon light streamed through the blinds, partially illuminating some familiar objects – an Eagles banner, a Bryce Harper bobblehead, a framed photo of a former Democratic President. "This guy reminds me of me," I thought. As my eyes continued to scan the room, I saw an old Philadelphia Daily newspaper hanging on the wall with a triumphant-looking man on the cover. "What was that about?" I inquired. "You never heard about Michael's case?" his father asked. "Michael" was Michael Anderson, a legislative advocate from The Arc of Philadelphia. I first met him Zoom call not long after being sworn in as a state representative from Manayunk/Roxborough to learn how to better advocate for persons with disabilities in the legislature. The organization Michael works for, The Arc, champions the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families. Michael is a "do-er," with an honest and direct manner and contagious optimism. He also has cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia), which means that he has limited use of his arms and legs and relies on his caregivers for all the activities of daily living. When Michael asked me to visit his home, I was eager to take him up on the offer. Read more


Philadelphia House Delegation advancing eviction reform

(Aug 30, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 30 – In response to a series of violent incidents involving landlord-tenant officers taking place in the city, members of the Philadelphia House Delegation today said the organization has been working hand in hand with the House Housing and Community Development Committee to help end the practice of private contractors performing eviction services. As part of this collaboration, both organizations held a public hearing Tuesday in the Philadelphia City Council Chambers on proposed reforms regarding landlord and tenant officers and evictions. Rep. Morgan Cephas, chair of the Philadelphia House Delegation, explained that a vital concern is that the eviction services are executed by people without the proper training, and carrying guns. “Moving forward there needs to be accountability and transparency with an agency that is responsible to the citizens of Philadelphia,” Cephas said. “We are determined to take this task away from the unaccountable, private entities. “We respect the need for landlords to run their business and receive their payments in a timely manner. However, the need for compassionate, respectful interaction with tenants was made obvious in the hearing,” she added. Rep. Mike Sturla, chair of the PA House Housing and Community Development Committee, highlighted that when it comes to housing it is important to look at the Read more


Khan Rallies with Striking Actors and Actresses

(Aug 23, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan rallies with SAG-AFTRA workers who are fighting for better working conditions and fair contracts against corporate greed. Read more


Property Tax Relief at Last, Storm Updates and Free Breakfast for Kids

(Aug 17, 2023)

Over the past week, I met up several times with neighbors at Gorgas Park and Kelly Park to clean up the damage following the storms. Thanks to all the volunteers and neighbors who donate their time and labor to keep our community safe and beautiful! Read more


State Rep. Tarik Khan immerses himself in the community

(Aug 01, 2023)

Next, Representative Khan’s District Office will hold remote office hours at the Falls of Schuylkill Library in East Falls on July 31st from 5 p.m. to 7:30 pm. You may also see him around town knocking doors to inform neighbors about the state services his office can assist with. For more information on upcoming events and legislative efforts, visit his office at 4001 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127, or call (215) 482-8726. Read more


Our State Budget Deserves Better

(Jul 27, 2023)

On July 5th, my House colleagues and I traveled back to Harrisburg to vote “yes” to pass the state budget. The budget is an excellent opportunity to make significant investments in our community. As a graduate of K-12 Philadelphia public schools, education is a top priority for me and my Democratic caucus. We advocated and voted to pass historic education funding. $1 billion of the $45.5 billion budget will go to our K-12 schools. $100 million of this funding will be to “level up” our most underfunded schools. We added $125 million to help improve school facility safety. And all students, regardless of income, will receive universal free breakfast because of this budget, so no child in our public schools has to learn on an empty stomach. Well-nourished students perform better in school, and students who perform better in school get better jobs. No child will have the stigma of receiving breakfast at school because of their family’s income—all kids will receive this and will be more likely to eat these nutrient-rich meals. While visiting over 15,000 residences in our community during my campaign to be your state representative, I saw first-hand the need to support neighbors on a fixed income. For the first time in our state’s history, our budget secures state funding for the Whole Home Repair program—$50 million to help neighbors with safety repairs and accessibility modifications for their homes. This budget funds nearly Read more


Philadelphia House Delegation calls for bold changes in eviction process

(Jul 25, 2023)

State Rep. Tarik Khan said, "“I am horrified by the recent shootings over the last few months by “landlord-tenant officers” during evictions. Evictions are difficult times in neighbors’ lives and, when necessary, should be conducted humanely. I am proud to be working with Representatives Krajewski, Green, and Chairwoman Cephas to ensure compassion, safety, and transparency during the evictions process.” Read more


Four July Events for Our Neighbors!

(Jul 14, 2023)

Dear Neighbors,This summer, my office is heading into the community to provide local support. July is full of events throughout our neighborhoods. In addition to our weekday office hours at 4001 Main Street in Manayunk, kindly see below four ways we are connecting with neighbors this July to bring state services to the community! Read more


So proud to have helped bring a $224,502 grant to our East Falls community!!

(Jul 13, 2023)

Congratulations to East Falls Development Corporation on this critical grant & a huge thank you to my colleagues Senator Vincent Hughes and Rep. Roni Green for helping us make this moment possible! Read more


Khan Fights to Fund Higher Education

(Jul 12, 2023)

Recognizing the value of higher education, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan is working to keep tuition affordable at state-related universities like Penn State, Temple, Pitt, and Lincoln. That’s why Khan and his colleagues in the House Democratic Caucus voted to fund these schools. Unfortunately, House Republicans aligned to block state funding, leaving many parents, students and faculty unsure of their futures. Read more


Our Landmark Nurse Safe Staffing Bill Passes the House, Budget Deal Reached, and More!

(Jul 07, 2023)

This budget makes historic investments in our communities including helping neighbors to age in their homes, funding for school breakfasts to help ensure no child in our city goes hungry, and hundreds of millions in increased public school funding. Much more support is needed for our community, but I believe our ‘23-24 budget is a positive first step for our state. Read more


Khan Working for ADA Accessible Playgrounds

(Jul 07, 2023)

With overwhelming bipartisan support, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan is making playgrounds more ADA friendly. Khan’s bill would keep in mind the needs of all children when designing new playgrounds, including physical and mental disabilities. This legislation will make play spaces more inclusive for everyone. Read more


Pa. nurses celebrate passage of Patient Safety Act in state House

(Jun 30, 2023)

Long-awaited legislation that would limit the number of patients that hospitals can assign to an individual nurse passed in the Pennsylvania House on Wednesday with bipartisan support. Read more


Pennsylvania House approves bill to require nurse staffing minimums in hospitals

(Jun 30, 2023)

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved a bill that would require nurse staffing minimums in hospitals, bringing the state closer to enacting a measure that proponents said will address patient safety and help retain nurses in bedside jobs. Read more


Khan Celebrates Advancement of Patient Safety Act

(Jun 29, 2023)

Having experienced unsafe staffing in his career, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan knows the value of adequate staffing in hospitals and other medical facilities. The Patient Safety Act legislation, which he helped to write and champion, promises to save lives and money across the Commonwealth, passed in the #PAHouse and will now go to the #PASenate for consideration. #SafeStaffing #PASNAP #Nurses #Nursing Read more


House of Representatives passes Khan’s resolution on Alzheimer’s awareness

(Jun 22, 2023)

State Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., reaffirmed his dedication to older adults and their caregivers and families this week with his bipartisan resolution dedicating June 2023 as “Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month in Pennsylvania.” Khan’s resolution passed the Pennsylvania House on a vote of 202-1 late Tuesday. “Our older adult population is growing rapidly, and we need to ensure we support these neighbors and their families, including those with Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases.” Khan said. Khan’s resolution was a call to action that critical scientific research must be funded to support people living with Alzheimer’s and their families. “Like we did when we set a goal to put a human on the moon in a decade, our nation can set a target to cure Alzheimer’s disease -- and achieve it,” Khan said. Khan hosted a news conference in the Capitol rotunda Wednesday morning to commemorate the passage of the resolution and fighting the darkness of Alzheimer’s on Wednesday, which was the longest day of the year. Khan was joined by representatives from the Alzheimer's Association, the Alzheimer's Research and Development Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of Elders, and the family caregiver of a person who died from Alzheimer’s disease. The resolution was initially approved by the House Health Committee Read more


The Power of One State Rep

(Jun 22, 2023)

This year, I will prioritize requests for several vital items affecting our community— schools, services for people with disabilities, and crime-solving equipment and software for law enforcement. But the advocacy of one state representative has sparked my imagination about the power of one elected official. Read more