E-BLAST: Book Club date, a small-business grant award, and the 104th Farm Show

(Dec 13, 2019)

Our 4th Book Club meeting is scheduled. A local organization lands a small business grant. And the 104th Farm Show is right around the corner! Read more


DeLissio announces small business grant for West Laurel Hill

(Dec 13, 2019)

“Anytime I have a chance to support local business with green initiatives like this, I am happy to do so,” DeLissio said. Read more


EAST FALLS NOW ARTICLE: 82 years in the making

(Dec 05, 2019)

History was made on Oct. 31, 2019, and it was no trick and all treat. Read more


EAST FALLS LOCAL ARTICLE: What you need to know about REAL ID

(Dec 05, 2019)

Everything you need to know about REAL ID can be found here. Read more


E-BLAST: Giving thanks, looking for book suggestions, and announcing grants

(Nov 26, 2019)

Items on Thanksgiving, our Holiday Open House, grants, our book club and more. Read more


DeLissio invites you to Holiday Open House

(Nov 25, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Pamela DeLissio invites you to her annual holiday open house to meet your neighbors and discuss policy issues related to the Pennsylvania legislature. Read more


DeLissio’s annual Holiday Open House scheduled for Friday, Dec. 13

(Nov 22, 2019)

“Every year, this Holiday Open House gives all of us in the 194th a great opportunity to engage with each other in a fun, friendly atmosphere, to discuss what’s happening in our district and in Harrisburg, and to chat about policy priorities,” DeLissio said. Read more


DeLissio seeks book ideas

(Nov 21, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Pam DeLissio is reaching out to constituents, asking for suggestions about what book to read for her upcoming Book Club of the 194th meeting. Read more


DeLissio: $25K grant awarded to Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

(Nov 15, 2019)

“The SCEE has been educating greater Philadelphia about the environment for more than 50 years,” DeLissio said, citing its Nature Preschool as the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and its groundbreaking NaturePHL nature prescription program having already been funded by two Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grants. Read more


DeLissio announces $1.7M grant for Presidential Boulevard Project

(Nov 15, 2019)

“I believe projects such as this are precisely why the Multimodal Transportation Fund was created,” DeLissio said. “By supporting local economic development, improving pedestrian and vehicular safety, and encouraging public-private partnerships, this project is a wonderful initiative I am proud to support.” Read more


EAST FALLS NOW ARTICLE: So many books, so little time

(Nov 13, 2019)

We believe we are the only state representative-led book club in the commonwealth. Read more


EAST FALLS LOCAL ARTICLE: I Spy a Spotted LanternFly

(Nov 13, 2019)

Early detection is vital to the effective control of this pest and for the protection of PA agriculture and natural resources-related businesses. Read more


E-BLAST: Sunday, Nov. 10 shredding event; historic voter reform legislation signed into law; 90th Town Hall Meeting

(Nov 08, 2019)

Topics in this email include historic voter reform, my 90th Town Hall, LSA grants and more. Read more


DeLissio to discuss historic voter reform, other legislative updates at 90th Town Hall

(Nov 07, 2019)

At this Town Hall, DeLissio will provide various legislative updates, including why she voted in favor of S.B. 421, a history-making voter reform bill signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf on Oct. 31 with DeLissio present to witness the occasion. Read more


DeLissio discusses election reform

(Nov 04, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Pam DeLissio discussed election reform legislation recently signed into law. She explained why she was a "yes" vote. Read more


DeLissio to host FREE shred event

(Nov 01, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Pam DeLissio is hosting a Free Shred Event on Sunday, November 10 from 10 a.m. to noon at Har Zion Temple in Penn Valley. Read more


DeLissio announces $152,900 in Local Share Account grants to her district

(Nov 01, 2019)

LSA funds are used for economic development, neighborhood revitalization, community improvement and public interest projects in the city of Philadelphia. Read more


Why we voted yes on voter reform

(Nov 01, 2019)

Please know we have more work to do, including same-day voter registration, open primaries, and removing the archaic language in our Election Code, for example. This reform legislation is an excellent starting point and will expand access to the ballot, expand the franchise, and allow people to have a voice in their political and governmental processes. Read more


DeLissio: Biggest voter reform in 82 years

(Oct 31, 2019)

Pa. State Rep. Pam DeLissio attended a bill signing in Harrisburg today that will make voting more convenient and accessible to citizens across the Commonwealth. Read more


DeLissio announces free shredding event for Sunday, Nov. 10

(Oct 25, 2019)

“Shredding sensitive documents is our best defense against scams and identity theft, and these events provide an environmentally friendly way to dispose of personal information safely,” DeLissio said. Read more