Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald's Biography


Isabella Fitzgerald’s motto is, "Let's Keep Moving Forward."

And Izzy, as she is known affectionately, embodies that spirit to the hilt.

The 40-year resident of West Oak Lane and proud member of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church has a passion for advocacy and for her community. She’s earned many titles along the way, including:

  • Mother, grandmother and concerned neighbor;
  • Ward secretary, treasurer and leader;
  • Founding member and chairperson of the Northwest CommUnity Coalition for Youth;
  • Board and Planning Committee member for Women of Faith and Hope, a breast cancer self-help organization;
  • Public safety area coordinator for the 14th Police District;
  • Special assistant to U.S. Rep. Robert A. Brady; and
  • Legislative assistant for former state Rep., and now congressman, Dwight Evans.

In November 2016, she earned a new title – state representative for the 203rd Legislative District in northwest Philadelphia.

Determination is what Rep. Fitzgerald brings to the office.

When faced with only dead-end jobs, she learned career skills.

When she was told that she couldn’t get a promotion, she went to night school while raising two children and received her degree.

When drug dealers threatened to take over her neighborhood, she helped organize neighbors to galvanize action against them.

Rep. Fitzgerald, not unlike those she represents, has experienced challenges and concerns. At times, she and her family have had difficulty making ends meet. Through it all, she has sought the best educational opportunities for her children and grandchildren and strived to secure the best for the community.

Rep. Fitzgerald has supported the West Oak Lane community for generations. She is relied on and supported by other leaders in the community, not because she deserves their support, but because she has earned their support.

She is experienced, she is a motivator, she is energetic, she is a fighter and she is a leader.

Simply put, representing the 203rd Legislative District will not be a job for her. It is her passion.

Rep. Fitzgerald will fight to continue to bring resources and services to the district.

She will fight to keep the agenda moving forward.

Be prepared to be impressed.